The best Roland keyboards

Roland is one of the most prestigious brands of musical instruments worldwide, its variety of keyboards makes it an option to consider for virtually any type of musician. This guide will show you a selection of the best Roland keyboards, including alternatives for virtually any keyboardist or pianist.

The keyboards shown in this guide cost more than 250 euros, including models ideal for beginners, pianists and synthesizers for music composition and production.

Roland FP 10

The Roland FP is Roland’s new choice to compete with the Yamaha P45. The Roland FP 10 comes to compete in the 400 euro portable counterbalanced piano range.

They stand out for their features at a very balanced price:

  • 88 weighted keys
  • 96-note polyphony, which are the notes that can be played at the same time
  • 15 piano sounds and effects.
  • 2 split zones to divide your keyboard into several instruments
  • Layer function to combine piano and strings for example
  • Headset output
  • Includes sustain pedal
  • USB MIDI and Bluethooth MIDI 4.0 output
  • Weight 12.3 kg
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1284 x 258 x 140 mm
  • 6W speakers

Here’s a video for you to hear what the Roland FP 10 sounds like

The Roland FP 10 is a very balanced option and I really recommend it if you want a portable digital piano at a good price. If you have 100 euros more of course I will always recommend the Roland FP 30 to its big brother because it is the best selling portable piano at the moment. If you want to go deeper into these comparisons don’t miss my review of the Roland FP 10.

You can buy it safely in the following stores:

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Roland Go Piano

The Go Piano is one of the best alternatives available in the market that compete within the 61-key pressure-sensitive and responsive portable keyboards without counterweight.

The portability of this model is one of its main virtues as it weighs only 3.9kg, measures 87.7cm x 27.1cm x 8.2cm and has a power option with 6 AA batteries (duration of 6 hours on average)

This Roland model has 40 voices, a 128 note polyphony, which is quite good for the price and features of this model, has option for sustain pedal, bluetooth and connectivity with applications for study and music production of Roland (although it should be noted that this model is not the best alternative for music production)

The sound quality is good, below is a video where you can see it:

The Roland Go Piano is an excellent alternative for those who require a portable keyboard with good features, sound quality, portability and connectivity are factors to highlight.

Don’t miss the in-depth review of the Roland Go Piano either.

What is the price and where can you buy the Roland Go Piano?

The usual price of this model is 320 euros, there are options where you can buy it at a better price, we recommend two alternatives of virtual store that offer the Roland Piano Go at the best price available in the market:

Roland FP30

The Roland FP 30 is an excellent alternative for beginner pianists and those who want a very good quality digital piano for less than 600 euros. The 88 weighted hammer action keys , 128-voice polyphony, 35 high quality voices, and the included sustain pedal makes this model a good choice pianists. A highlight of the FP30 is the sound quality, as the 35 voices included perform well above the average of competitors in the price range. The sound quality of the Roland FP30 is shown below.

What is the price and where can you buy the Roland FP30?

The regular price of the Roland FP30 is 685 euro, however, we leave you two alternatives where you can get it for less than 600 euro:

Roland FP90

The Roland FP90 could be said to be the big brother of the FP30, this model has more advanced features, ideal for any pianist.

The functions of the Roland FP90 are ideal for practicing piano, as this model supports triple pedal, has 88-key keyboard made of plastic and wood with exhaust technology (very similar to an acoustic piano) and has a wide variety of effects, and 350 sounds.

In terms of connectivity, the FP90 has it all: MIDI, USB type A and B, online input and output, Bluetooth, and sustain pedal port. The highlight of the FP90 is the sound quality, with full polyphony using piano and organ sounds, and 384 voices-polyphony for the other sounds. Below is a video with the sound quality of FP90:

The sound of the FP90 is customizable in the piano sound, giving a great advantage over most of the competitors.

What is the price and where can you buy the Roland FP90 ?

The usual price of the Roland FP90 is 1980 euro, however in the following options you could get it for less than 1700 euro:

Roland RD 2000

The Roland RD 2000 is a high quality keyboard totally focused on music production, although it is also an excellent alternative for those who perform live.

The best function of the RD 2000 is the quality of the 88 weighted hammer action keys (made of wood and plastic), the 2 sound generators that allow for a complete polyphony in the piano and organ voice, and the 1100 sounds available on this model.

The functions focused on musical production that this model has are quite interesting, since it has 20 controllers to make adjustments, 300 programs, 200 patterns of rhythms and a great variety of effects.

The RD 2000 has an advanced connectivity that includes XLR, MIDI ports, 2 pedal inputs, USB A and B, etc. It is necessary to emphasize that this model does not have integrated speakers so you will need an amplifier.

What is the price and where can you buy the Roland RD 2000?

The Roland RD 2000 is a specialized keyboard that you can hardly find in a local instrument store. However, we have an option where you can buy it at the best price available in the market:

Roland FA 06

The Roland FA 06 is one of Roland’s iconic models. This model features 61 keys with dynamic sensitivity (not weighted), 2000 voices with SuperNatural engine and a color LCD screen.

The FA 06 is an excellent alternative for those who want to make music production and do not require 88 keys, as the functions of this model are more around sampling, a point to highlight are the 16 pads (with 4 banks each), and inputs for guitar and microphone.

Roland offers complete connectivity in this model, including USB, SD, pedal connection, MIDI, iPad integration, and microphone/guitar input. The Roland FA 06 is a model focused on musical production, however, it is possible for a pianist to prefer the full keyboard and the features offered by the RD 2000.

What is the price and where can you buy the Roland FA 06?

The FA 06 is a complicated model to get in a local store, however, we give you two alternatives where you can buy it at the best available price:

Roland Juno DS 61 and DS 88

The DS Juno 61 is a classic Roland synthesizer, the first model of this line came out in 1982. This model has 61 sensitive keys, although there is also the DS 88 model which has a full keyboard.

The Roland DS Juno 61 features a 128-voice polyphony, 1200 factory sounds and 256 user-created sound spaces, as well as 30 drum kits and 64 preset banks.

The main advantage of this model is the customization, since it is possible to combine sounds in dual mode or Split and add effects to perform music production.while it is true that the Juno DS 61 is not comparable to the RD 2000, it is also true that its synthesizer characteristics make it a model to consider for those who want an option dedicated entirely to music production.

What is the price and where can you buy the Roland DS Juno 61?

The best alternative to buy the DS Juno 61 is through a virtual store, we give you 3 options where you can buy it at the best price available in the market:


I hope you liked this article. If you want to know about digital pianos of more brands, do not miss our selection with the best digital pianos. You also have our selection with the cheapest and most convenient keyboards.

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