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Yamaha Genos Opinion & Analysis: Where to Buy It

For all those who are looking for a keyboard for music production or live performances, the Yamaha Genos is an alternative to consider.

The 76 pressure-sensitive keys, the large touch screen, and the variety of functions and settings make the Genos a very interesting keyboard for music composers.


The Yamaha Genos is a keyboard with a focus on musical production, below is a fact sheet of its characteristics:

  • 76-key keyboard with pressure sensitivity
  • 7-level pressure sensitivity (normal, easy1, easy2, soft1, soft2, soft1, hard1, and hard2)
  • 256 notes polyphony (128 predefined voice and 128 expansion voice)
  • 1652 Voices and 58 Drum/SFX kits – 1.8gb available to expand voices
  • Effects ( 59 Reverb + 3 User, 107 Chorus +3 User, 358 DSP with VCM and 3 User, 5 Master Compressor, 5 Master, 5 Master EQ, 28 Part EQ)
  • 54 Harmony Vocal Effects
  • Vocal Effect Microphone, noise cancellation, compression, 3-band equalizer, and 23 vocal effects.
  • 550 Accompaniments ( 491 Pro, 39 Session, 10 Free Play and 10 DJ)
  • 4 Pads x 448 banks
  • 9 demo songs
  • Internal recorder with capacity for 16 songs.
  • Fast recording mode, multitrack, and step.
  • WAV and MP3 audio player and recorder format
  • 9-inch touch screen
  • 19 Controllers (1 Joystick, 6 assignable Knobs, 9 assignable sliders, and 3 Switches)
  • AMW Sound Generator sampling with AEM technology
  • 58gb internal memory
  • USB for memory expansion
  • Input for stereo headphones
  • 3 pedal inputs (Sustain, Art and volume with assignable functions)
  • Microphone Input with Phantom Power ( +48V)
  • MIDI Input and Output A and B
  • Auxiliary Input
  • Coaxial Digital Output
  • USB to Host and USB to a device (x3)
  • Wifi (Standard network card)


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The sound quality of the Yamaha Menos is very good, the cleanliness and clarity that the sound generator is able to reproduce are remarkable, however, it is necessary to consider that much of the sound quality of the Genos depends on the amplifier, as this model does not have integrated speakers.Below is a very complete demo of Yamaha Genos.

As can be seen in the previous video, the Yamaha Genos has a great versatility that allows professional musical production.Below is a provided demo of Yamaha with some effect settings:


When it comes to connectivity, the Genos has it all – this Yamaha model has advanced connectivity options that will meet the expectations of any keyboardist or composer.

This Yamaha model includes virtually every type of ticket. It has USB inputs (USB to Host and USB to device), 2 MIDI input and output modules, 1 microphone input with Phantom Power (+48V), 1 Auxiliary input, 1 coaxial digital output, and even Wifi connectivity.

As you can see in the image above the Yamaha Genos has everything you need for music production, the connectivity of this model allows you to create a recording station.

Advantages and disadvantages of Yamaha Genos

The advantages of this model are:

  • Voices
  • Functions
  • Connectivity
  • Personalization
  • Touch Screen

The disadvantages of this model are:

  • 76-key keypad
  • Polyphony of Sound

It is difficult to find disadvantages in the Yamaha Genos, as this model has great features. It only points against are the size of the keyboard and the polyphony of sound. Although 76 keys are enough to interpret practically any piece or compose, it may annoy some pianists. As for polyphony, there are alternatives that offer full polyphony, however, 256 notes are very acceptable.

The scale tilts in favor of the Yamaha Genos since connectivity, personalization and variety of voices are indisputable advantages, in addition, its 9-inch touch screen facilitates the task of configuration.

Yamaha Genos vs Korg PA4X

The KORG PA4X is an alternative very similar to the Yamaha Genos, below are the differences and similarities between the two models:

  • The PA4X is available in 61- and 76-key versions both with semi-weighted and pressure-sensitive keys, whilst the Genos has only one version with 76 pressure-sensitive keys.
  • The Yamaha polyphony is 256 notes, whilst Korg only offers 128 notes.
  • The variety of effects of the Genos is far superior as it has more than 534 effects, whilst the PA4X has 298.
  • The PA4X has 1900 voices, whilst the Yamaha Genos has 1652.In terms of style, the PA4X has more than 550, whilst Yamaha incorporates 550.
  • Both models have a touch screen, however, the Genos has a 9-inch screen and the PA4X has a 7-inch screen.
  • The Genos has an internal 58 GB hard disk and the PA4X has a hard disk (Korg does not specify capacity) in the 76-key model.
  • In terms of connectivity they have practically the same, however, Yamaha incorporates Wifi connection, whilst Korg chooses to add a port for microSD memory.

The comparison between these two models is complicated, as both Yamaha and Korg have similar features. If you want an option with better polyphony of sound and connectivity, the Yamaha Genos is the best alternative, nevertheless, if you prefer to have a more variety of voices, you can surely go for the Korg.

Yamaha Genos vs Tyros 5

Yamaha’s Tyros 5 is another alternative for those who want a keyboard for music production or playing on stage. The similarities and differences between these two models are shown below:

  • The Yamaha Tyros 5 is available in 61- and 76-key versions both with semi-weighted and pressure-sensitive keys, whilst the Genos has only one version with 76 pressure-sensitive keys.
  • The Genos polyphony is 256 notes, whilst the Tyros is 128.
  • The Yamaha Genos has 1652 voices and the Tyros 5 has 1796.
  • Both models have a touch screen, the Genos includes a 9-inch screen, whilst the Tyros 7.5 in its two versions.
  • The Yamaha Genos has an internal memory of 58GB and space for a hard disk, whilst the Tyros 5 only has the slot to connect a hard disk.
  • Genos incorporates 550 styles whilst the Tyros 539.
  • Both models have virtually the same connectivity, the only difference is that the Yamaha Genos incorporates Wifi connectivity.

Definitely the Genos is a superior model, however, the Tyros 5 is a very good choice. The main difference between both models is the sound quality if you are looking for a model with better sound quality and wifi the Genos is for you.

Yamaha Genos vs Montage

The Yamaha Montage 8 is an 88-key weighted digital piano focused on music production and live performances. The comparison between Genos and Montage 8 is presented below:

  • The Yamaha Montage 8 has 88 weighted and pressure-sensitive keys whilst the Genos has 76 semi-weighted and pressure-sensitive keys.
  • The sound polyphony of the Genos is 256 notes, whilst the Montage 8 incorporates 128.
  • Both models have a touch screen, Montage 8 has a 7-inch screen and Genos has a 9-inch screen.
  • The Genos has sound generator AMW and the Montage with AMW2
  • The variety of voices in the Montage 8 is greater, as it has 1900 voices, whilst the Genos incorporates 1652.
  • The connectivity of both models is practically identical, however, the Genos includes Wifi connection.

Montage 8 is a superior keyboard over the Genos since the 88 weighted keys will help to stimulate the piano, allowing them to interpret pieces of high speed with pressure. On the other hand, the generator of the sound of this model is of a new generation and incorporates a greater number of voices.


Before buying a digital instrument, make sure you know in detail the functions you require, so you can choose the right option for you.If you are just starting out in the world of piano or musical composition you may want a cheaper alternative, in which case we recommend that you read our guide to the best pianos and keyboards in terms of price and benefit.The Yamaha Genos is an excellent choice for any musician who wants to compose music, although a pianist probably prefers the Montage 8 because of the characteristics of its keys.

Where to buy Yamaha Genos?

You can purchase Yamaha Genos from any authorized dealer, although we recommend that you make a purchase online, as in this way you can save money. In order to choose a virtual store, you only have to verify that the conditions of purchase and the offered transport are adequate. If you want to buy the Yamaha Genos at the best price do not hesitate to click on the following options:


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