Digital Piano Yamaha PSR E443. Full review. It is a good keyboard?

The Yamaha PSR E443 is currently out of stock its new model is the Yamaha PSR E463 that just came out in 2018 although in between is the Yamaha PSR E453 But here we go with our review in case you have found it second hand or any unit leftover in a store. We’ve already told you that he wants you to buy the Yamaha PSR E463 because it’s better and for the same price as the 443.

The Yamaha PSR E443 is a keyboard designed for fun and a variety of sounds. It’s also oriented towards electronic music.

It is one of the best of the PSR E keyboards, which are lower-end than the PSR S keyboards and cost more than €500.

Sounds and Rhythms of the Yamaha PSR E443

It has many sounds, more than 700, and more than 200 accompaniments to play on and that follows what you are playing.

Where to Buy Yamaha PSR E463 (new E443)?


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You have various piano and organ sounds to sound to whatever you want. The ’70s or ’80s. Funk and Jazz sound pretty good.

PSR keyboards are very oriented to electronic music and that’s why they have DJ features. They have controls to modify the music in real-time and a 6-track synthesizer. You can make a lot of electronic music and many of the voices they bring are for it.

It has an input for you to connect your computer and play music from it. With the Yamaha PSR E443 then you can for example remove the main voice and play over other melodies and is just a small sample of what you can do with it.

A photo with the 2 switch controls with 6 types of functions

mandos-swicth psr 443

Then the sequencer controls with recording function so you can record tracks and create throughout your performance, also allow you to change scale and transport.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

sintetizador PSR 443

​Although it’s not very intuitive at first you can configure your keyboard to play one sound on one half of the keyboard and a different one on the other half, it’s quite configurable. Then you can save these settings and access them by pressing a simple button. You have screen-printed sound code to help you:

guia-utilidades PSR E443

We advise you to watch the following video.we have already told you the most important thing and you can listen to the different sounds it has and see the features for DJ, read on after the review follows.

Yamaha PSR E443, MIDI, and its connections

The Yamaha PSR E443 has MIDI output USB to HOST, so it serves as a MIDI controller.

This means that you can connect it to any computer and write a music sheet while playing with programs like SIBELIUS or record a MIDI track that can then be exported to score. Very powerful.

On the other hand, it has a headphone output so you can study in silence and USB input. Also, as we have named you, it has an auxiliary input for any audio signal that you can modify later. It has a sustain pedal input to keep the note in time even if you don’t press the key.

Polyphony and Keyboard Sensitivity

The Yamaha PSR E443 has a polyphony of 32 notes which is the number of notes that can sound at a time. It’s worth a lot but you have to keep in mind that every track that is playing at the moment also consumes the polyphony which can be improved.

On the other hand, the keyboard has a sensitivity so that you can adjust how the note sounds depending on how you press the key. Although it doesn’t have a Hammer Action keyboard so it’s not meant for you to learn to play the piano. It can be good for the first and second years, but no more.

It is a very acceptable keyboard to compose, make electronic music, and play with all its possibilities.

For live performances, the problem is to use the output of the headphones. This means that you may need an injection box to give more power to the signal in certain amplification equipment. The keyboard comes with 2.5 W speakers, but that’s only valid for rehearsing with acoustic instruments or for your home studio. If you want to play live and want a keyboard with many DJ features you should look at the Yamaha PSR S770 (in the post we updated the latest model PSR S775). Who has infinite possibilities and is more professional.

Yamaha PSR E443 vs Yamaha PSR453 vs Yamaha PSR E462

Today you have to go directly to buy the Yamaha PSR E463 because it also offers you more features for the same money. If we compare the Yamaha PSR E443 against the PSR E453 has a superior polyphony of 48 against 32 of the 443. In addition, the speakers are much more powerful, 6W against 2.5W. If we compare the Yamaha PSR E453 against the new 2018 Yamaha PSR E463:

  • Ability to sample with its Quick Sampling engine to create user sounds.
  • 15 rhythms more than PSR E453 including more Latin rhythms.
  • Possibility of recording audio in.WAV format (80 minutes of audio)
  • The PSR E463 features its Groove Creator function to create custom rhythms from patterns.

Video where you can see what the Quick Sampling is:

Buy Yamaha PSR E463 (new E443) at Best Price

Worldwide the best option is to check your local Amazon website, here the direct link:

In Europe for price and reliability, the best place to buy is Thomann which is the leading store on the continent. Any musician knows her. Here’s the direct link:

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