Yamaha PSR E463 Review: Opinion and Where to Buy It

The Yamaha PSR E463 is an ideal beginner’s keyboard for creating and playing all kinds of music, with 61 keystrokes, 758 sounds covering a wide range of instruments, and 235 rhythms spanning all major music genres.

This keyboard features powerful built-in speakers and several live-ready features that will allow novice keyboardists to have a machine to accompany them at their concerts and meet their primary needs. Yamaha also thought a lot about its Latin American users, since it included rhythms of cumbia, joropo, parranda, vallenato, bachata, son cubano, guajira, among other diverse Latin rhythms.

The sound of the Yamaha PSR E463

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Among his 758 voice, it has 8 voices from the Sweet! bookstore, 3 from the Cool! bookstore. And 3 from the Dynamic Voices library.237 Panel voices with a more professional sound, 24 drum kits, 40 arpeggio voices, and 457 voices from the XGlite library. The panel sounds are divided like this:

  • 10 acoustic pianos.
  • 8 electric pianos.
  • 15 organs.
  • 6 accordions.
  • 13 guitars.
  • 17 lows.
  • 19 string sounds.
  • 5 chorus sounds.
  • 15 saxophones.
  • 10 trumpets.
  • 15 metal sounds.
  • 9 flutes.
  • 28 solo synthesizers.
  • 18 pad synthesizers.
  • 12 percussions.
  • 37 ethnic sounds.

Thanks to its Quick Sampling system, it is also possible to create your own sounds, store them, and use them with all the others…Its amplification system has a power of 6W and 6W with 12 cm Bass Reflex loudspeakers.

It is not bad at all, as it is even good for a small or medium-sized bar. In addition to this, is keyboard with DSP effects to complement its sounds and two assignable controls to modify some of its parameters.

Finally, this is also keyboard that can record audio, up to 80 minutes in WAV format, and has audio input to connect an external player and play songs or tracks through the keyboard.

The rhythms of the Yamaha PSR E463

This keyboard has 235 rhythms included in its library, plus the ability to play more rhythms by USBAs is common in this type of keyboards, each of these rhythms has an intro, end, fills, auto-synchronization to start pressing any key, and accompaniment with several instruments that are controlled with chords. These rhythms come each with 4 variations and a musical climax to make the performance more interesting live.

Also, thanks to its Groove Creator function, new rhythms can be created, combining saved patterns of various parts of the rhythm (bass, drums, accompaniment chords, arpeggios, pads, and phrases). The Groove Creator is also known in other models as “DJ Patterns”.

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR E453

The PSR E463 is the direct successor to the Yamaha PSR E453, sharing many of its features. Both keyboards share the same sound engine, same DSP (with 3 more reverberations in PSR E463), their speakers have the same power, and its 61 keys have velocity sensitivity (not weight, which is different).

Some of the main improvements that the PSR E463 implements are:

Ability to sample with its Quick Sampling engine to create user sounds.

  • 15 rhythms more than PSR E453 including more Latin rhythms.
  • Possibility of recording audio in WAV format (80 minutes of audio)
  • The PSR E463 features its Groove Creator function to create custom rhythms from patterns.

Here’s a video for you to see what Quick Sampling is all about:

You can read our review of the Yamaha PSR E453 to learn more about this keyboard.

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR E363

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR E363

The PSR E363 is a device with lower performance and at a lower price than the PSR E463.

The first and most noticeable difference is in its sound library since the PSR E463 has 758 sounds versus the 574 sounds of the PSR E363.

There is also a big difference in the rhythms with the PSR E463, having the advantage with 235 rhythms versus the 165 rhythms of the PSR E363.

On the DSP they share the same number of Reverb, Chorus, EQs, and harmonies, but the PSR E463 has 10 more assignable effects that are not on the PSR E363.

It is also important to note that the PSR E363 does not have the functions of Groove Creator, Quick Sampling, nor the possibility to save audio in WAV format; functionalities present in the PSR E463. You can read our review of the Yamaha PSR E363 to learn more about this keyboard.

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR S670

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR S670

Yamaha’s PSR-S line is a line of workstations superior to the PSR-E line. The PSR S670 is equipment much superior to the PSR E463, as from its price (almost twice) one begins to perceive that it is an equipment with greater benefits, which truly has.

The Yamaha PSR S670 has fewer voices than the PSR E463, with 416 voices, versus the 758 of the PSR E463, but the voices of the PSR-S line are of higher sampling quality, with more realism, with real reverberations and more details captured in each instrument.

As for the number of effects of the PSR S670, it is much higher than the PSR E463 with 44 Reverb presets plus 3 User Reverbs in the PSR S670 versus only 12 Reverb presets of the PSR E463, 71 Chorus presets plus 3 user Chorus on the PSR S670 versus 5 types of Chorus on the PSR E463 and a powerful DSP engine with 283 assignable factory effects and 10 user DSP effects on the PSR S670 versus only 10 effects on the PSR E463. Navigation on the PSR S670 is also much easier, thanks to its more dedicated controls.

The speaker of the PSR S670 is much more powerful with 15 W while in the PSR E463 the power is 6W. This is great for taking it to live in restaurants, without having to load amplification. That is a very good point. You can read our review of the Yamaha PSR S670 to learn more about this keyboard.

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR EW410

Yamaha PSR E463 vs Yamaha PSR EW410

These two keyboards are quite similar, being their main difference, their size, the PSR E463 is a 5-octave keyboard and the PSR EW410 is a 7-octave keyboard. Both have the same amount of sounds (758 sounds), but the PSR EW410 has a Grand Piano of higher sampling quality.

Both have similar features as the Groove Creator, Quick Sampling, external audio input, the same amount of rhythms, and the same effects. Another difference is that the speakers of the PSR EW410 are more powerful, with 12 W versus 6 W of the PSR E463.

Where to buy Yamaha PSR S463?


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The Yamaha PSR E463 is one of the most powerful portable keyboards for beginners in its range. It is a powerful keyboard at an affordable price that can help musicians starting out in the piano world, both for studying and for their first live presentations.

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