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Learn Piano Online- Guide to the best platforms on the Internet

There are several internet platforms with online courses, some are free and others paid but they are usually not expensive, or they have a free trial version, to see if they are worth it or what you like. Of course in the paid ones, the quantity and quality of the contents are better and allow to interact with the user, although there is some free that is worth it.

Don’t miss our selection with the Best Cheapest Keyboards. A selection of that will surely be very useful to you:

The keys on online pianos

There are applications out there that have a virtual keyboard. That’s good to find out visually about what we’re seeing, but it doesn’t help us to learn piano correctly. We advise you that apart from the virtual piano in which you have to press the keys with the mouse, you have a MIDI keyboard or electronic next to it to practice at the same time. an interactive app (english and spanish version)

All the information here:

Our favorite and most recommended. We were looking forward to something similar taking advantage of new technologies. The truth is that it is not a web application in itself, but an app for tablet or mobile. They have also recently released the app for Android.

It’s designed to practice with a digital piano or real piano, but the good thing is that this app is installed on a tablet or mobile and we put it on our lectern. So that the app is able to detect with the microphone of the tablet that we are playing and can interact with us as if it were a virtual teacher. It tells us if we pressed the key wrong or right.

Learn how to play piano with flowkey

It has a very interesting free version that will let you know if you like to play the piano. Don’t hesitate to try the free trial version by clicking here.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in… (english version)

Free website in English, a little archaic in appearance, but has great power. It’s possible to upload a MIDI file of the song we want to hear and the application plays it while we see which keys have to be pressed.

MIDI is a file format capable of storing the musical notation of a song.

As we have already said it is important that while we are in front of the application we have a MIDI or electronic keyboard to practice what we have on screen. The web is in English and it is very intuitive, so if we have a few notions of the language we can manage.

It is important to remember that English websites use American notation, simply change the name of the musical notes and the equivalence is as follows (American notation on the right):


web para aprender piano online Power for your MIDI keyboard (english version and promo code)

If you sign up for the free version with the code MARVELDISCOUNT then you will get a discount of 12 to 16 dollars. Which is quite interesting:

Web and APP payment but very affordable. It’s in English but we expect a Spanish version soon (they should because if they don’t lose a lot of market share). Flowkey is working harder on this and we’ve already been told that. The highlight of Piano Marvel is the amount of lessons and content it has, much more extensive than any other website because it takes more time. And above all, it allows the connection of our MIDI keyboard. Interact with us through a MIDI cable or in the same way as Flowkey with the microphone on the tables.

It is able to know the notes we are pressing and correct us if we do something wrong. They have a free version that is also worth a try.

cómo funciona Piano Marvel

Other free resources

Sometimes sites like are recommended. In its day this website was quite popular, but it is many years old and has not been updated. It’s good to see the resources it has and practice with it and a keyboard in front of the site, but compared to the new interactive possibilities like Flowkeys and Piano Marvel, it’s too short. Although being free, you can always take a look at it.

Free websites are fine especially if you have time to experiment. If you’re on a tight schedule, maybe you’ll need some of the payment options such as Piano Marvel, because you’ll advance much faster and better. These are inexpensive options with which you will advance much faster, and that will have an effect on your important motivation.

If you are a complete beginner, take a walk through our free course. It will always be good for you to learn basic concepts, practice hand independence, simple chords, etc:

We hope you liked this article, if you think it can be useful to other people do not hesitate to share it on your social networks. Thank you for reading!


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