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Jaime Echagüe


Hello! My name is Jaime Echagüe and I’m the webmaster of this blog.I’m a musician and a multi-instrumentalist. My first instrument is the saxophone but I play whatever I have around and with which you can make music.I love technology and music marketing and if you want to know more about why I created BuscarInstrumentos I invite you to read below.

The beginning of BuscarInstrumentos.com

This website was born in 2015 and since then I have been writing reviews of musical instruments. As a good musician I started to buy musical instruments online around 2006. I realized that very advantageous prices could be obtained and these stores had a much larger stock than the physical stores.

It has to be said that whenever I can buy in physical stores but many times it is not possible to try what I am looking for because directly they do not have much variety to try. That’s where I started shopping online but realized that there wasn’t much information in Spanish. It was all in English. Although this is the English version because many people have asked me to translate the blog.

My idea with this blog is to give quality information is Spanish and English about musical instruments and give the help I would have liked to have several years ago.I hope you enjoy my blog and find it useful. If you want to contact me further below you can do so through Facebook or the contact page you have at the bottom of this page. And of course don’t hesitate to share my blog if you think it might be useful to someone. Thanks for reading me!