Top Cheap MIDI Keyboards

Let’s go with a selection of the most valued and cheap MIDI keyboards. This is a selection based on different parameters such as quality, sales leader and positive reviews.

Keyboard Akai MPK mini Mk2

This keyboard usually has a price around 88.00 €

  • 25 Synth-Action keys
  • 4-Way joystick for powerful pitch/modulation adjustment
  • 8 MPC pads with note repeat
  • Arpeggiator
  • 8 Assignable control pods for mixing, plugIn-control and much more
  • 6.3 mm jack input for sustain pedal (The most important pedal of a piano or keyboard is the sustain pedal and is used to keep the note playing even if you stop pressing the key.)s
  • Power supply via USB, power adapter not required
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 317 x 181 x 44 mm
  • Weight: 748 g
  • Including software program (downloads): Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Wobble and Akai professional MPC Essentials

review akai-mpk-mini-mk2
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Akai MPK mini Mk2 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I mainly utilize this device for Hip-Hop Beat producing which I began half this past year plus it’s definately an excellent device to obtain a feel for Keys and a midi-controller as a whole.

Let’s have a look at the pro’s and cons with this product real quick:

+ (perhaps the largest pro) the purchase price. You really get a computer device that is great good your money can buy.
+ best for beginners. You’ve got easy features and a ton of tutorials online.
+ practicability, and enormous flexibility. The MPK mini II Mk2 is big enough in a Laptop case with my Computer and carry it with me nearly wherever I get you could hit every key and knob without pushing other buttons by accident and little sufficient you could take it fundamentally anywhere you want to get – I started using it. Whats also great is it’s powered via your USB port at your Computer, and that means you don’t have to be concerned about the effort with power cables.

– the Setup using the computer software is a very complicated process at first, thats something AKAI could’ve done better I guess. I had to put in like 40 programs on my Computer and register it everywhere before generally making it work with FL Studio, but when you get through this process it absolutely was definately worth the hassle!

All in most, the AKAI MPK mini Mk2 is a very really good midi for beginners and I’d definately suggest this to my friends (which I did currently really). It covers all of your needs to get started and gives you the possibility to start getting a feel for keys and midi controllers. The only thing that could be easier could be the setup that is first. But even that is explained regarding the AKAI internet site, therefore as soon as you’re through it you’ll finally enjoy your product.


I am a producer with small to no familiarity with music concept. It was my first Item I could not be more pleased that I purchased from this website and. It took less than two weeks for my purchase to reach therefore the time that is whole was updated on where the parcel ended up being.

Installation could not be any easier and is sold with a lot of free software included. The cost can be perfect for something so sleek looking, has a fantastic design and contains multiple features.

As i mentioned earlier i have no idea lots of music theory asides from knowing which notes match on some scales but the creativeness just exploded particularly composing chords. i happen more creative in these final 14 days of using the controller compared to the final 6 months using a keyboard that is pc. Although it is light weight it’s still strong and it is really portable and comfortable to use.

Definetly pleased with this product while the website and would 100% recommend for novice producers such as for example myself.

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And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Akai MPK mini Mk2.

Keyboard Akai LPK 25

This keyboard usually has a price around 44.00 €

  • USB-MIDI Controller functions with almost any audio software
  • 25 Velocity sensitive mini keys
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sustain button
  • Octave down and up along with faucet tempo keys
  • Plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC requires no driver installation
  • completely fits in a new laptop bag or in a backpack
  • Four programmable memory banking institutions
  • computer software editor for Mac and PC included
  • Power supply via USB Bus – no importance of one more power supply
  • Dimensions: 9.65 x 34.04 x 2.79 cm
  • body weight: 0.635 kg

review akai-lpk-25
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Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


The LPK 25 is a fairly low priced MIDI controller from an excellent, respectable brand name. The style’s price and simpleness is quite attractive, but one must consider it’s uses.

-Cheap and gets the work done.
-A few programmable buttons that can offer you good usage.
-Almost plug&play, with barely the need to do just about anything to get it working.
-Attractive design. Appears really expert.

-Compared to it’s big brothers, the button features are instead restricted, which is to be expected.
-The design may be appealing to the attention, but not so much to the arms. A little is believed by it like inexpensive synthetic but doesn’t break because easily.
-The tips perform alright, but substandard of everything you’d expect.

Bottom line, another good bang-for-the-buck MIDI controller. Probably the greatest at this cost. If you’re able to have the ability to save a bit more, I highly reccomend benefiting from regarding the better items Akai provides in contrast.


I have had this keyboard for about a year now. It’s utilized by me with Garageband Midi instruments, and works wonderfully. I do not use the other features a part from the buttons that are octave. It can help me personally to quickly produce rhythm beats, some melody ideas, or experiment with arrangements.
though it may feel just like an inexpensive piece of gear, that is strictly just what it’s, the purchase price is great, the keyboard sensitiveness is right, additionally the not enough several choices make it a simple to operate midi keyboard.
If you’re starting creating at home, making some songs and demos, this is perfect I think.
If you might be a seasoned producer, and appear into heightened midi features, better sensitivity, then you will need a far more advanced MIDI keyboard.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Akai LPK 25.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Akai LPK 25.

Keyboard Swissonic EasyKey 49

This keyboard usually has a price around 69.00 €

  • 49 Full-size velocity sensitive secrets
  • Aluminium housing with side synthetic panels
  • Pitch flex- and modulation wheel
  • LED Display
  • 1 Fader for volume control
  • 1 Programmable rotary encoder
  • Octave key to transpose the pitch associated with the whole keyboard
  • 1 Pedal connector
  • 1 MIDI Out
  • Powered by USB
  • Compatible with Windows Vista, XP (SP1 and greater), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 825 x 210 x 68 mm
  • Weight: 4.77 kg
  • Incl. 1 m USB Cable and Thomann Studio Starter Kit LE (software packet with DAW software, computer software synthesizers, as well as impacts plugins)

review swissonic-easykey-49
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Swissonic EasyKey 49 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I received the keyboard March 12th. Nonetheless, one key wasn’t working correctly, as no touch ended up being had by it sensitivity. Very little I could do about any of it, Thomann handled the situation and delivered me a return solution.

On April 8th i receive the replacement product, which was to my bad luck broken as well. This time around one key wasn’t offering any signal/sound at all. A hole had been noticed in the transport field.

April 28th I receive the 2nd replacement item. That one had been faultless.

the merchandise itself is made from an aluminum housing as well as (just what feels as though) synthetic edges. Extremely pleased. The tips are not really synth-action. Somewhere between synth and semi-weighted. Also very pleased. The fader (that also has a numerical LED) and knob is asignable to whichever CC of selecting. Pitch and modwheel feels good, octave buttons are responsive and indicate which octave you are playing in.

The big astreix for me will be perhaps the construction or packaging had been the reason for the product being DOA 2 times. Therefor 1 stars off in quality (otherwise, the grade of this keyboard is very good for such a minimal price).

If you need more knobs or a far more detail by detail screen, do look elsewhere. Otherwise I would happily recommend this 1 proper who simply needs to relax and play / record.


For months I had been researching various MIDI keyboards with 49 secrets, which I can use merely to play piano plugins from my iPad. I didn’t require any fancy features like an array of knobs, sliders and pad, but alternatively a keyboard that is solid complete size secrets that is iOS suitable. The EasyKey 49 had been just what I wanted.

It has a solid aluminum housing, the side panel are plastic that appear and feel good. I am very happy aided by the secrets, they feel well, though they’re not fully weighted but that was not at all something that I needed anyway.

I particularly like the sheet owner which well fits my iPad inside too. The MIDI out connection can also be a large plus for me personally, just in case if I have a desktop synth which I could then get a handle on with the EasyKey.

The keyboard includes a CD which includes some computer software. I don’t possess a pc in my household which includes a CD drive and I don’t have an CD that is external either, so I was not in a position to test the contents. It’s not important for me, so no biggie. Nevertheless, possibly Thomann could explore an alternative to provide a version that is down load of pc software. I may possibly not be the consumer that is just a CD drive. Or even they might simply offer a download link and skip the entire CD thing (maybe saving also some costs).

If you wonder why I’m addressing Thomann above, it is because the Swissonic brand name is the house brand, and I have to state that it is an excellent product on par with all my experiences with Thomann up to now.

All in all, if you are looking for a straightforward but a solid keyboard to try out your digital synths or pianos, without the need to modify any parameters, then I can just only recommend the Easykey 49.

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And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Swissonic EasyKey 49.

Keyboard Arturia Keystep

This keyboard usually has a price around 111.00 €

  • 32x Velocity-sensitive keys (Slimkey)
  • With aftertouch
  • Integrated polyphonic step sequencer
  • Up to 64 actions and 8 simultaneous records per step
  • 8-Mode Arpeggiator
  • Chord Play mode
  • Transport buttons
  • Pitch and modulation touch fader
  • Colour: White
  • Power connector
  • USB
  • MIDI In / Out
  • CV / gate output
  • Sync input and output
  • Sustain pedal input

review arturia-keystep
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Arturia Keystep watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


Obviously this really is a ridiculously long review so that the TL;DR version :: The KeyStep has a few insects and some small items to improve on, but general for the price, it’s exemplary! ::

I actually wanted a BeatStep Pro but there have been too many bad reviews about insects etc so took a risk with this alternatively.
don’t allow everything you’ve continue reading the BeatStep professional put you off this! (maybe not bashing the BSP – it simply appears a touch too high-risk right now for my liking. I may well pick one up ultimately)

So I updated the firmware regarding the KeyStep first. For guide, this was to Firmware variation

First problem – my KeyStep wasn’t saving for the initial 3 times. I had really come to the conclusion if you would like save that it was similar to this by design and I had misunderstood exactly what I read before buying, and figured the Control Centre is employed. It absolutely was currently in the firmware that is latest and I don’t alter what I ended up being doing or any settings in the Control Centre nonetheless it simply began saving all of a sudden, and has now worked since. Strange and just a little concerning, but great now that it is auto-saving.

I stay away from a PC as much as possible with my music setup, since I invest the others of my life on one, so don’t try depth during the Control Centre however it appears fairly self-explanatory and well presented.

The arp is plenty of fun and works perfectly well. No issues here. It is exactly what it really is. Hold one key down and keep increasing the pattern in the purchase set by the knob.

The mod and pitch strips have become responsive and work very well. There isn’t any indicator to exhibit where you are in the mod strip though.

It really bothers me personally that there’s no on / off switch. Why, Arturia? Whhhyyyy???

The KeyStep quality/build is great – it is solid and contains good fat (this has a metal dish regarding the base). The keys are an ok size plus don’t really ‘need’ to be full size offered what it really is, therefore it is fairly small and portable.. however…

I individually do not want it to be portable as it does not move through the home studio. I utilize a Korg K49 MIDI controller, that has size that is full, for several my gear and it surely will have fun with the tool’s sound via the KeyStep nevertheless the Arp or sequencer cannot be triggered utilising the K49 MIDI controller – you need to use the KeyStep tips straight. Bit disappointing, but you can play on the surface of the arp/sequence with all the controller that is midi affecting either pattern and that can get some good interesting outcomes. (exact same effect as playing the instrument directly although the KeyStep is operating).

The sequencer does just what it is designed to, and being able to switch MIDI channel easily is great – I have this connected to a MIDI splitter (Miditech MIDI Thru 4/Filter) and operating into a Korg Volca Bass, a Volca Beats, an Access Virus C and a Novation Bass Station 2. All four of these products have either a sequencer, arpeggiator, or both, but it is great to be able to toss the arp or sequencer pattern through the KeyStep at any of the devices. I can check out the keyStep that is same for each because of the quick push of shift+midi channel key. Playing both the inbuilt sequencers/arps therefore the one from the Keystep at that time that is same be interesting! Endless fun and perfect for motivation.

One thing I found which will be great and unexpected (and much more probably a Korg Volca plus than a KeyStep one but) it is possible to hit record regarding the Volca and press play on the KeyStep, therefore the arp or sequence will likely be recorded! The point is, although the Volcas have actually sequencers and therefore are quite capable, the KeyStep goes along with them very well!

One big enough issue I have actually along with it is you can’t set series size straight, and can not real-time record (as such) to create the distance. You can only ‘real-time’ record over a sequence, as soon as a sequence had been stepped in — so it is just a kind of step-record which can be updated live when there an sequence that is current improvement. It is possible to work for this rests which are making use of set sequence length and then playback in time because of the clock tempo (such as for example a drum machine), but it’s perhaps not ideal and does not work properly each and every time. I think it is does not catch a few of the rests pressed half the full time, when you add noise, the sequence is not almost so long as you thought it might be given just how many times you pressed the remainder key.
This definitely requires an update.

The KeyStep has randomly crashed since I got it – it simply locks up away from nowhere ..completely unresponsive, and has to be power cycled (but…NO POWER SWITCH!?) on me personally about 5 times. Not great, but I suppose maybe not a massive problem for my own entertainment just – probably not too good though if perhaps you were using it real time to entertain a venue saturated in people for me personally as I make use of it. The crashing occurred both on PC connection and attached to a USB that is standard charger. I do not have a power that is 9V to try it with however certain it might make any difference towards the crashing. Maybe whatever is inducing the crashing will be addressed in an update soon, or it may you need to be my one that does this, I do not know.

The MIDI Control Centre is nice and hassle free, although I don’t like exactly how it saves a fresh entry on every sync, and solitary simply clicking the conserved items shouldn’t auto load them. A small annoyance.

I get it using clock from a Roland TR-8 so do not utilize tempo knob on the KeyStep however it holds clock time completely well.

I’m only utilizing midi that is 5-pin and away, maybe not cv or sync, so others will have to offer their findings on those. I had shortly utilized the sync out for connecting to a Volca, which worked fine but I required clock to endure the MIDI out and sync simultaneously which it generally does not do (you must push the tiny switches during the back and choose one or one other (or internal or USB) not both at the same time…so I had to reconsider my connections. Maybe not a fault obviously however. It is by design, therefore merely to inform in case you had the same concept.

It’s got aftertouch, transpose, hold, 8 note poly sequencing! You probably realize that if you’re taking a look at buying one but I think it needs to be emphasised.

So ..despite any of the dilemmas I’ve encountered (and that’s why the 4 stars on handling & total), individually I still find it definitely worth the purchase and a lot of enjoyable. It surely improves my setup and gives me personally fresh tips and motivation constantly and it is at a fantastic cost!


I required an easy keyboard in order to connect either to a computer, a MIDI instrument or a modular synth. This one has all of the connections needed, this a a pro. The secrets appear to be quality that is goodI’m not a ‘real’ keyboard player, therefore I can’t inform).
The cons, yet, are quite several :
– If you want to replace the control voltage environment, or any environment, you will need to sign in for their website, download a software, produce a file, save yourself it to an USB drive, go offline, plug your keyboard into the computer, upload the generated file, etc. I’m unsure if I’m accurate sufficient, this is so complicated I’m not certain I understood every thing. Not to mention, there is no Linux version. You will want to an source pc software that is available ? To be honest only a micro-controller with a few tips and knobs, perhaps not a jet fighter !
– When you replace the octave environment, the key flashes white colored.
that is distracting and cannot be changed, even with their software center thing. Users complain, nevertheless the company does nothing.
– The firmware was not updated for 36 months. Although it only actually leaves you with some annoyances just like the flashing buttons, it is an idea that they’re in no rush to present customer support.

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And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Arturia Keystep.

Keyboard Novation Impulse 61

This keyboard usually has a price around 333.00 €

  • 61 Keys
  • Semi-Weighted with aftertouch
  • complete DAW and plug-in control
  • 8 Backlit drum pads
  • 9 Fader 55 mm
  • 9 Assignable buttons
  • 8 Rotating control knob
  • 6 Transport buttons
  • Pitch and modulation wheel
  • 2 Octave secrets
  • Arpeggiator, beat roll- and clip launch buttons
  • LCD
  • USB port
  • Expression and sustain pedal ports
  • MIDI in/ out
  • Automap control software
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1022 x 332 x 100 mm
  • body weight: 6.5 kg
  • Including Xcite+ software pack, Ableton Live Lite

review novation-impulse-61
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Novation Impulse 61 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


If you’re searching for a midi controller that can do pretty much everything however you don’t want to go bankrupt this really is your preference. I’m a newbie and i haven’t had any problems using it after which you will think it’s great if you should be interested in electronic music or any music that will require wacky sounds, synths or simply an easy piano.
There are however some advantages and disadvantages
A lot of features – you can find numerous features in this keyboard that I’ve had it for pretty much year and i have not scratched the outer lining regarding the things it can do.
Build – It has a phenomenal create. Keys are semi-weighted, 8 knobs which can be very intuitive and simple to use, faders, modulation and pitch wheel, 8 drum pads for all you drum needs (also weight sensitive)
Arpeggiator and beat Roll – at very first i had been sceptical about these because i had never used them before in addition they seemed complicated however they ended up being the exact opposite. Fun to use and can produce some genuine noises which are cool.
Sound design – This kinda goes hand to hand because of the build section but the keyboard screen causes it to be really easy to control whatever plug-in you may be utilizing and Automap makes that even easier.CONS:
Learning curve – it could be quite difficult to discover exactly about the keyboard and it will be quite overwhelming, but with time you will get there.
DAW – it comes down with Ableton Lite. If you have never ever utilized a DAW before this is often actually tough to get involved with. It does have tutorials that are nice there are plenty of YouTube videos regarding the matter but in the beginning you wont have the ability to take the most from it. Of course whenever you do, it’ll be your many device that is powerful. This means that the noises as well as the potential of the controller is super dependant on your DAW using skills and this can be both a con and a pro (one which is sold with many MIDI controllers if not all)
Sound – It is dependent on your arranged. If you don’t you might have to sink a bit more money to make it work for you when you have nice speakers or nice headphones you’re fine but. This can be said about most MIDI controllers if you don’t all but still a con.

Overall if you’re shopping for a good, creative, music filled time this is certainly a fantastic and tool that is powerful. If you’re able to dream it it could probably do so (in partnership with your DAW).


This is a good controller keyboard with some nice features, but I’ll attempt to keep this concise. You can find manuals around if you’d like to know the level that is filled with thing’s ability!

to begin with this kit’s only real downfall, it’s actually a bit low priced feeling. The lightness may well arrive at a plus to many, but personally I would appreciate a little more weight behind a thicker human anatomy.

That apart the different settings are certainly usable while the tips by themselves sturdy. As a classically trained pianist I prefer weighted secrets, but that isn’t what this really is for. That it is very fairly comfortable to try out and the settings and touch pads are well placed for easy use.

Getting a hang of the config for this isn’t perfectly intuitive, but with most of the sound config going on at the PC that is absolutely nothing a bit of playing around won’t resolve. And that is where it shines, since it linked in with simplicity to a couple of DAW programs at my disposal-easily enough that half method through configuring it I realised I’d currently spent one hour playing with sounds/controls making arguable small progress on really setting it up (that said there is perhaps not an excessive amount of setup needed-it interfaces aided by the DAW pc software pretty effectively).

There’s some of these things nowadays but this one’s truly up here because of the better.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Novation Impulse 61.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Novation Impulse 61.

Keyboard Studiologic SL88 Studio

This keyboard usually has a price around 388.00 €

  • Weighted hammer action keyboard TP/100LR with Aftertouch
  • 6 Way joystick control
  • 3 Function buttons
  • 4 Programmable zones
  • 4 Programmable pedal connectors
  • 3 Joystick controllers
  • TFT color display (320 x 240 px)
  • Editable and programmable pc software (SL Editor)
  • Programmable Key-Balance function
  • 6 Editable velocity curves
  • Magnetic rail system for holding sheet music and laptop computer (holders not included)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 1260 x 310 x 125 mm
  • body weight: 13.7 kg
  • Power adapter (9 V DC, 1 A) and PS 100 sustain pedal included

review studiologic-sl88-studio
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Studiologic SL88 Studio watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I bought this mainly for home studio use and for the occasional gig to set with my Nord Electro 5D. It is a somewhat light 88 key weighted controller with an uncluttered layout with a bright, clear colour display. It’s unusual as it has not many controls which can be programmable so are there no faders or programmable knobs and switches. That which you get alternatively are 3 joysticks – more on this later. It has excellent MIDI and USB connectivity and features 4 connections for foot pedals.

The instrument ended up being very well packed and included a manual on CD, a PS-100 sustain pedal and a universal energy adapter with plug attachments for different nations. The SL88 has a clean design that is uncluttered a metal chassis, plastic end cheeks and looks great. The keybed may be the Fatar TP/100LR with aftertouch which is the one that is exact same uses within the Electro HP. Despite reading several negative reviews regarding the TP/100 action I need certainly to say for me and it is an amazing match for the Nord pianos that I such as the action, it is near enough to an actual piano action. It isn’t fat or slow set alongside the Roland RD64 which has the Ivory Feel-G keybed.

In use I surely could obtain the right keyboard response just using the preset velocity curves. You can find another 6 user setups. That is programmed utilising the SL88 editor which ran and installed with no issues. You can even adjust the key balance of each note individually additionally the stability that is key black and white secrets – in order to have a lighter touch on the back keys and heavier regarding the white. I suspect this may be much like the pc software Nord usage when installing their keyboards.

At first the provided SL88 computer software seemed the ultimate way to edit the controller but there are some features that require to be enhanced. In the Global/MIDI setup web page you must manually select the USB port to get in touch utilizing the SL88 – it doesn’t auto sense it’s there. You then discover you can find 2 USB ports for the SL88 and you must connect with port 2, nothing in the manual about any of it. This environment just isn’t stored and you have to create it up every right time you start the editor. It’s very quick to plan the four areas with the exception of the key zones which could only be changed utilising the upon display knob. It should be feasible to relax and play an integral to set top and reduced limitations! Syncing your setups may be improved them to the computer first, then sync them right back as you have to move and conserve. You can’t merely modify the setups you have copied from the the SL88. You cannot also rename your setups – you have to edit them, then drag and drop organise that is using re-sync all of them with the equipment. I threw in the towel utilizing the software and today do everything ‘live’ regarding the SL88. So big thumbs down unless they upgrade it.

OK then so what it’s like editing the SL88 straight? In a expressed term, counter-intuitive – er that is two words. Despite the fact that there are only 3 buttons being main discovered I had been constantly pressing the wrong one. Additionally there is a button in the entry information entry stick however it is not that apparent exactly what it does in the beginning. Now it might just be me personally but I have actually no nagging problems navigating around a Nord Electro and on occasion even a MOXF. I have always been pleased to say the having stuck I can program setups rapidly but it was extremely discouraging in the beginning along with it for 2 days. It nevertheless amazes me personally which you can not plan key zones by pushing a key in the keyboard but the color screen helps.

The 3 joysticks (that are tiny) are totally programmable per spot but the majority of players will skip the pitch that is standard mod wheels. They will have tried to make sure they are as flexible as you possibly can insurance firms completely sprung, half sprung and not sprung at all. Nevertheless, in training the completely sprung one is most beneficial utilized like the Roland Bender – therefore you can’t leave the Mod (Y-axis) in the spot that is sweet. Unless you are very careful so you might choose Mod (controller 1) on the second joystick but I discovered as this might be sprung over the X-axis and it has a tendency to leap back to the centre place. The unsprung stick is very good if you want to control an X/Y pad such as the vector control on a Wavestation.

And finally, to the connections in the straight back of this tool. You will find 4 sockets that just take a selection of base switches and pedals. The switch inputs are car sensing but you must connect them in before you turn on. I had no problems with a Yamaha FC-7 and an M-Audio EX-P phrase pedals in input 3. Input 4 is universal and may be utilized for a pedal that is triple. Each area could be arranged to react or ignore these inputs. The MIDI setup is interesting as there is certainly a MIDI input which could merge data which can be incoming send it to 1, but just one for the four zones – could have been useful to have the ability to merge this to 2 or maybe more zones simultaneously. Standard messages such as for instance amount, program and bank modifications are really easy to setup and every zone can be programmed to production to either USB, MIDI 1 or MIDI 2.


Great keyboard action
Only weighs 13Kg and looks great
Good MIDI implementation
Bright TFT colour screen
Setlist option, you’ll have numerous setups for different bands/projects


Interface isn’t intuitive
Joysticks don’t cut it for me personally – would prefer Pitch and Mod Wheels aswell
computer software is not good enough
Manual could possibly be better

Verdict: an excellent controller once you understand just how to program it.


I purchased this controller primarily as a weighted option to make use of with my Korg Kronos 61 keyboard. I did not require many controllers which can be physical my master keyboard. After while using the Studiologic 88 with my Kronos, I usually do not regret the purchase. The keybed of the Studiologic adds plenty life to the great piano and Rhodes/Wurlitzer noises of this Kronos.
The keybed itself has a rather authentic piano feel. It may possibly be found by some individuals become a little in the thicker part. It’s I think very pleasing to play.
The Studiologic 88 is simple and intuitive to work. You can find really buttons being few controllers in the keyboard but all of them serves its purpose very well. The joysticks appear to be of high quality and I just like the fact that they differ between being springtime packed and free moving.
Connectivity is great: 1 USB port, 2 Midi out ports, 1 Midi in slot. 4 controller ports which vary in functionality. It has an electric connector and comes with an included power supply.
the consumer screen is very easy to use. I have not had any explanation to read the manual because of the procedure that is not hard. Additionally, the controller pc software is very easy to utilize and helps with fast editing of programs/patches. The thing I can fault utilizing the computer software is the fact that I had to manually select the USB slot in the software to connect with all the SL88.
Regarding quality, the controller is quite well developed (Metal chassis with rugged plastic end caps) but yet is lightweight and easy to transport around.
For the application form I have always been utilising the SL88 for, its difficult to beat the price/performance factor and I have always been exceptionally pleased with my purchase.One more thing not associated with the keyboard itself, excellent service from Thomann.

Great keybed
Build quality
Ease of use
Good controller pc software
Good I/O (Midi+USB, Controller pedals)
Power supply and foot switch included


And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Studiologic SL88 Studio.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Studiologic SL88 Studio.

Keyboard M-Audio Keystation 88 MkII

This keyboard usually has a price around 149.00 €

  • 88 Velocity-sensitive secrets
  • Transport switch for DAW control
  • Modulation wheel
  • Volume knob/control
  • Pitch wheel
  • Octave key
  • MIDI connection via USB and MIDI socket
  • Supports ipad Camera Connection Kit (available separately, maybe not included)
  • Connections: USB, 1 x MIDI, sustain pedal, phrase pedal (both 6.3 mm jack)
  • Power supply via USB slot or 9 V DC power adapter (optional, perhaps not included)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): approx. 1346 x 240 x 100 mm
  • Weight: approx. 7.30 kg
  • Including computer software: Eighty-Eight Ensemble plugin from SONiVOX – Virtual Steinway CD 327 concert piano, Ableton Live Lite – recording pc software

review m-audio-keystation-88-mkii
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard M-Audio Keystation 88 MkII watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


They called me personally for many mattinee show while I had my digital piano busy in a night show. I required one thing cheap, light that was in a position to link that is straightforward my laptop sounds throught my sound interface. I am extremely pleased because it’s 100% customizeble as well as the response associated with the keys is really accurate. I was able to reproduce strings or reed using touch that is different. Wonderfull!


The keyboard is lightweight and well developed for its price range.
It doesn’t always have the hammer action (they’ve been more costly and much heavier), and so the tips reaction is a bit linear and pasty, but good if you want to get a grip on the velocity that is key. No aftertouch though, but this really is quite common on weighted keyboard as you can add the aftertouch later on making use of your DAW.
I purchased the MK2 which has the trasport switch at the top, an excellent full piano and Ableton sequencer contained in the price. So all you have to focus on.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard M-Audio Keystation 88 MkII.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard M-Audio Keystation 88 MkII.

Keyboard Novation Impulse 49

This keyboard usually has a price around 222.00 €

  • 49 Keys
  • Semi-weighted action with aftertouch
  • Comprehensive DAW and plug-in control
  • 8x Backlit drum pads for designing arpeggios, rolling beats and establishing clips
  • 9x 55 mm Faders
  • 9 Mute / Solo buttons
  • 8 Encoders
  • 6 Transport settings
  • Pitch- and modulation wheel
  • 2 Octave / Transpose buttons
  • LCD display
  • USB connector
  • Expression- and sustain pedal connectors
  • MIDI I/O
  • Automap control pc software
  • Dimensions: 846 x 332 x 100 mm
  • body weight: 5 kg
  • Incl. Xcite+ Software Pack, Ableton Live Lite

review novation-impulse-49
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Novation Impulse 49 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


this is certainly a fantastic bit of kit for the home studio individual. I squeezed this working together with Reason DAW in approximately half an full hour(I am not very good with techy stuff). You will find three primary aspects:
1 The secrets are nicely weighted, in explanation I can adjust the velocity of every not played if i need to and the reaction seems quite accurate.2 The controllers link well with my channels in the computer software; which is great. I can adjust channel amounts, perform stop, record, I am certain that I should be able to designate impact parameters whenever I have the opportunity.

3 The pads appear good, they’re quite painful and sensitive – velocity wise and appear well made sufficient.

On the entire the body for the unit is well made and significant, the at all times quality appears very good.
I wanted a controller and a keyboard that could utilize Reason and also this is good for me personally.


This midi keyboard has very nice functions if U have actually ableton, really practical and easy to use.If yoou dont currently very own ableton, it comes down with a lite version that U can update for a significant cost (money saving).
On one other part I would actually recommend every other software for the knobs, Im very sorry to state I havent seen such poor quality knobs within the last years. cheap plastic knobs with no resistance and U need to turn significantly more than 360° to make a 180° on a VST or abletton it self.
The keyboard is typical I’ve seen better but for that price U cant ask much.
I would state quite simple to use, very nice for beginning producing your music and gettting used to ableton (if U update it ofc). Plastic knobs should really be improved in the event that Impulse is held by them show.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Novation Impulse 49.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Novation Impulse 49.

Keyboard Novation Launchkey 49 Mk2

This keyboard usually has a price around 195.00 €

  • 16 Velocity sensitive multicoloured drum pads with RGB LEDs
  • 2 Drum pad control buttons
  • 8 Knobs
  • 9 Sliders
  • LED show
  • Transport controls
  • Octave / Transpose buttons
  • Pitch- and modulation wheel
  • Backlit mode buttons
  • 8 Mute/Solo buttons
  • Connectors: USB + sustain pedal input
  • Dimensions: 770 x 81 x 270 mm
  • Weight: 3.1 kg
  • Incl. Novation V-Station and Bass facility Software, Loopmasters Sample-Pack and Ableton Live Lite

review novation-launchkey-49-mk2
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Novation Launchkey 49 Mk2 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


excellent MIDI keyboard! 49 tips is actually the minimum for a genuine home studio.

Pro’s: Functions perfectly well with Ableton, mapping is immediate and rational. Hitting the secrets accurately steps the velocity when recording. Fits even on a desk that is small. Enjoy and plug as guaranteed. Knobs and sliders feel robust.

Cons: Requires manual mapping for every knob or slider in other DAWs (age.g., FL Studio). Enjoy and plug, but you will have to fiddle in the options of other DAWs, therefore calls for some YouTube guidelines. But, works perfectly well the same once mapping is done.

Conclusion: Very good MIDI keyboard for any house studio who is able to afford more than the Mini variation. Works great with Ableton, Requires a bit more mapping pre-work for other DAWs.


I bought the product and i got happy i usage it on ableton live and its own really versatile you have got just about all the settings on you fingers, it arrived programmed from factory, but you can plan the manner in which you want, the pads are beneficial to make live functions and activate songs whenever your composing a song on song arrangement, the only think i liked less was the tips, they are very soft whenever you clicking it so you can’t have plenty precision in the velocity that you are playing.
It has an excellent programming, the faders are programmed to control volumes on songs sufficient reason for buttons to mute tracks , you can even program all that faders and buttons for other thing or you can select hold button and deactivate it to help you free all you faders and buttons of development.
so you got more 16 controls you could use.
It has a fantastic modulation and pitch wheel, and a has the track midi channel the permit you to differ from track to track directly on keyboard, additionally the transport part is great to help you put recording and stop directly from the midi controller.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Novation Launchkey 49 Mk2.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Novation Launchkey 49 Mk2.

Keyboard Alesis Q49 Keyboard Controller

This keyboard usually has a price around 66.00 €

  • With 49 keys
  • Functions with virtually all music computer software and MIDI equipment devices
  • USB MIDI and conventional MIDI jacks for effortless link with Mac, Computer and outside MIDI hardware
  • Pitch- and modulation tires
  • Octave up and down buttons
  • Other settings included an assignable information slider, and also the power to deliver system changes from the secrets
  • Ableton Live Lite and Alesis Edition are included
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 81.5 x 18.5 x 6 cm

review alesis-q49-keyboard-controller
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Alesis Q49 Keyboard Controller watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I required a tiny midi keyboard for notation puposes using the pc. So I didn’t wish to use huge mothership that is 88-key chose to order the Q49 midi keyboard from Alesis. Its extremely basic featuring its 49 normal sized tips and a modulation and pitch wheel. After linking it via USB or Midi it is directly usable in your pc software. And as a result of Alesis for the midi output that is standard! This will be quite of good use, because sometimes I prefer to connect the Q49 to other keyboards, & most of these don’t help course compliant usb midi connections.

The secrets theirselves have become effortless weighted, also for synth-like tips. It needs some complete mins, till you’re feeling comforable regarding the Q49. Moreover the area between the tips might be a little different. It is not a challenge that is huge nevertheless the building quality ain’t the best. But it’s adequate to do business with the keyboard (and that is said by a player with an increase of than 15 years of experience), therefore don’t worry to much concerning this.

The changing of midi parameters is a bit inconvinient. You need to pick the parameter with a hit on a key (the parameters are listed above the secrets) after which the worth can be changed by you with a slider, that will be over the two wheels. But like me, who doesn’t actually alter parameters usually, thats no problem if you should be a user. I just make use of the Q49 as a input-keyboard. And for this job the Q49 from Alesis is absolutely advisable.


I bought this simple midi keyboard to utilize it with my Mac. I really love just how simple it’s, won’t have a lot of items that is extra to click, and thus all of your attention goes to the keys, that because of its price range they feel pretty nice. Its slim and doesn’t occupy much area in the desk, so its perfect for using it along with a laptop, very easy to transport and so forth.
It is affordable, but with top-notch manufacture.
P.S. If purchasing from outside Europe, UPS is the best choice.
Thanks, Thomman team for constantly answering every question, dispatching very quickly, amazing customer support. It really is Thomman customer care why I would always choose Thomman off their music shops.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Alesis Q49 Keyboard Controller.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Alesis Q49 Keyboard Controller.

Keyboard Alesis V49

This keyboard usually has a price around 95.00 €

  • 49 Velocity sensitive and painful keys
  • Pitch flex- and modulation wheels
  • 8 Velocity sensitive pads with blue LED illumination
  • 4 Assignable rotary encoders and buttons
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Incl. USB cable, Ableton Live Lite pc software (download), xpand!2 by AIR Music Tech pc software (download)
  • Dimensions: 955 x 244 x 114 mm

review alesis-v49
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Alesis V49 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I are wanting a lot of midi keyboards that accompany a lot more than 6 pads. My decision that is last was buy this Alesis V49. At the beginning, I was quite worried because the product appeared like it offers issues that are several. The two primary conditions that I saw in others’ review are: 1. Squeaky noise produced from the keys; 2. Double triggering regarding the drum pads.
until now, despite the fact that I were using this product for about 8 weeks, but I actually encountered the next issue regarding the 7th therefore the 8th pads for me, Problem 1 didn’t take place for me. It just occurs whenever I do not press them highly sufficient, nevertheless, it it truly irritating within the point it makes the sensitivity function useless.Apart through the well-known issues, this midi keyboard is good inside this price range. The tips are hefty and full-sized(maybe not smooth at all, but keep in mind that this keyboard with 8 pads is 98 euros, which is relatively inexpensive). If I have to suggest a mastering keyboard within a budget of 100euros, I would recommend this system.

1. It can its work.
2. The blue light from pads and switches are relaxing and attention candying.

1. Some pads have dual triggering problems.
2. The secrets are not actually smooth.


My objectives because of this keyboard weren’t high to begin with but it been able to I would ike to down regardless. The velocity sensitiveness is worthless. It could be modified become useable regarding the lower sensitiveness amounts but even then it apparently randomly jumps above treshold to try out velocity that is max.

The keys are squeaky and in a loud method. It is possible to imagine just how annoying it can get. The knobs and slider work flawlessly. The pads seem really quality that is high. If I could, I would just have the pad part and take away the keys.

So my main use because of this keyboard is practising hand jobs for various chord structures. For this the keyboard is ok. Also utilizing the knobs to input automation and they’ve been working fine.

This keyboard appears good. I’ll offer it that much. It is black colored, it’s shiny blue lights that are LED. The countour on the tips is pleasant to eye. This keyboard is design that is good your room studio. And when you play loud enough your guests will scarcely hear the squeaking associated with secrets.

Oh yeah since my goal was to discover finger positions, I just entirely disabled the velocity sensitivity which is what you need to expect you’ll do if you get this board.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Alesis V49.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Alesis V49.

Keyboard Alesis Q25

This keyboard usually has a price around 57.00 €

  • With 25 Keys
  • USB/MIDI Keyboard controller with 25 velocity sensitive keys, to manage nearly any MIDI Hardware and Software
  • USB/MIDI and conventional MIDI ports to get in touch with Mac or PC, also external MIDI devices
  • Pitch and Modulation wheels for imaginative modification of noise parameters
  • Backlit octave down and up buttons for the expansion for the playing area
  • Freely assignable Volume / Data Entry fader to control parameters
  • Sustain pedal input (pedal optionally available)
  • Ableton Live Lite and Alesis version included
  • Power supply via USB

review alesis-q25
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Alesis Q25 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


First of all, I play the electric guitar together with drums, and I write tracks at my amateur house studio. One day I decided that I should take to a midi to explore sounds which can be a new comer to provide my songs new a dimension. I studio that is own and recording software, so a significant, 2 octaves midi could do the task fine. As I do not play the secrets, I wouldn’t spend much, and after some video reviews I bought Q25.

Almost a year after, I can state that it worth it. Very easy to install, a sea of sounds available, great key sensitivity and nice features, is vital for everybody who records his own music, whether he ‘s experienced key player or perhaps not.


We used the keyboards in a class room setup where pupils do not need the total 49 secrets, would like a couple of octaves of input but do not wish to take up an excessive amount of desk area.
The keyboards are really hard sporting and have put up with years of college use (hrs each and every day, every day!).
The MIDI out port in the keyboard also works as a MIDI production from your software, in place of simply outputting the MIDI controller through the keyboard, which can be good because it’s nevertheless usable instead of just doubling up the USB output.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Alesis Q25.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Alesis Q25.

Keyboard Akai APC Keys 25

This keyboard usually has a price around 75.00 €

  • Smooth integration with Ableton Live
  • 5×8 Clip-launch grids with 3-colour lighting show present clip status
  • Octave switch and maintain button
  • 8 Assignable controllers are immediately recognised by Ableton Live
  • Power supply via USB
  • Class Compliant – no motorists required
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Hybrid3 by AIR Music Tech
  • SONiVOX Twist Spectral Morphing Synthesizer
  • Toolroom Reports Artist Establish Packs

review akai-apc-keys-25
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Akai APC Keys 25 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I utilize this controller as a mixer and midi trigger for my daw, triggering numerous synths as well as adjusting various parameters along with it.

this small keyboard is great for th eprice as well as the simple and fast integration with your daw (no drivers required )
me personally using ableton live

being lightweight it is extremely convenient to carry around and usually fits in your average case

overall wouldn’t normally change it with any such thing for my day to time daw needs !


this is perfect for what i required. So it 4 movie stars for me i have to provide. Links up with Ableton instantly , USB powered, compact, great controller for some body starting before shifting to another location step up.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Akai APC Keys 25.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Akai APC Keys 25.

Keyboard Arturia MiniLab MKII

This keyboard usually has a price around 95.00 €

  • 25 Velocity-sensitive mini-keys
  • 16 Encoder – 2 of them clickable
  • 2 Banking institutions of 8 velocity and force sensitive and painful pads with RGB lighting (adjustable colors)
  • Touchstrips for pitch bend and modulation
  • Sustain pedal connector
  • USB port
  • Bus Powered
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 355 x 220 x 50 mm
  • body weight: 1.5 kg
  • Includes software “Analog Lab Lite” with 500 sounds in V-Collection 5-quality, “Ableton Live Lite” and “UVI Grand Piano” (computer software down load required from maker’s web site)

review arturia-minilab-mkii
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Arturia MiniLab MKII watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


I have actually absolutely no regrets buying this.
It works so well with my Arturia V collection, also aided by the Ableton Suite. I had no nagging problems getting hired to work with Sibelius too.I was just a little worried before I got it that my rock-climbing guy fingers may not such as the mini secrets, but my issues were unfounded. The keys are good to relax and play, very expressive and appear to be able to take a beating. The system that is whole sturdily built and genuinely appears more expensive than it had been. I’m little of a finger drummer but the velocity sensitive pads are of the identical quality that is high the rest of the device. Having 16 rotary encoders is a life improvement that is genuine. I was previously using a mouse :p

The pitch and modulation strips work very well. The pitch fold auto-centers when you let go, since it should.
The modulation strip will stay at the value of the final touch.
Controlling modulation via a touch sensitive strip is actually much better than having a wheel, if you’d like because you can select specific values without moving through the intermediate values. That just isn’t possible with a wheel, therefore yay 🙂

So, I’d say if you’re interested in a 2 octave midi controller on a tight budget the MiniLab is excellent bang for your buck.


purchased to produce electronic music, it is very well developed therefore the tips give a normal reaction when pressed (quite near to a genuine piano). the knobs aren’t super smooth nonetheless they are endless encoder that makes them a very addition that is nice to similar services and products. You get a good choice of presets you need to install plenty of computer software to use all of them with it, but.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Arturia MiniLab MKII.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Arturia MiniLab MKII.

Keyboard Miditech Midistart Music 25

This keyboard usually has a price around 57.00 €

  • 25 Large keys
  • With velocity
  • Pitch-Bend and Modulations joystick
  • +/- Octave shift button
  • MIDI output
  • USB port
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 380 x 80 x 240 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Including USB cable, Magix Samplitude SE

review miditech-midistart-music-25
Now that we have seen the features of this keyboard Miditech Midistart Music 25 watch this related video to learn more.

Some comments from people who come to the forum about this model:


It does (or in other words, did) what it absolutely was designed to do – send midi data to your computer. I got some work done it fell aside within 4 months of casual usage with it but.
The keys aren’t keeping very well, after a couple of sessions a few went up and stayed above the rest – it nevertheless works but seems weird as the secrets are not during the exact same height anymore.
Too bad.


This keyboard is super little and super hefty, metal made with huge tips.
No funny material or stupid presets.
Real midi port.
Exactly what I need.

And you have the following options to buy the keyboard Miditech Midistart Music 25.

And if you want to know more about this model you can find here the review of this keyboard Miditech Midistart Music 25.

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