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What software should I use to write music and work with MIDI?

You have several options to compose music, record your MIDI piano or write musical notation. Some of the programs are more powerful than others but a little more complex to learn. In this guide we will give you some ideas on the possibilities you have and which software you should learn more (depending on your aspirations).

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What computer equipment do you need

You have to keep in mind that you are going to work with sound. Even if it is not as demanding as videogames, it is a higher level than simply working with office automation.If you are just going to record with the piano and write music notation, you will be worth 4 GB of RAM. That RAM will give you to put more tracks, such as a drum kit, guitar and voice but you will start to have your computer running slower.

If you want to record comfortably with other musicians, the normal thing is that in the same project, several tracks of each instrument are recorded, so of this way can be chosen later and if you are going to do this it is better to have 6 GB or 8 GB.Concluding: Minimum 4 GB of RAM and let it have a minimum i3 processor (if it can have higher specifictions, much better). About hard disk, is recommended to have several hundreds of GB, because the musical projects occupy enough and this way the hard disk will never surpass 80% of storage. Also, the idea is you do not run out of virtual memory.

What do we really do when we record a MIDI?

The software that can really take advantage of the benefits of MIDI a software with the capability of recording MIDI tracks. This means, they are able to record a track that stores the music track played by each key pressed on the MIDI piano controller.

If we are playing a three-note chord. The MIDI track will have to save that information for each key, otherwise, it cannot be broken down into notes and carried to score.Well, now that we are a little better placed on what we need, we will go on to see which programs are the most popular and suitable.


Its first on the track because is one of the most important. We warn that it is not the most intuitive, but we can say that it is the most used software by musicians. Both professional and amateur.Its use is so widespread that it has so many plugins and add-ons. In addition although its learning curve is not easy, you will always find many tutorials on the Internet or some sound technician who can give you 2 or 3 private lessons to leave everything ready.It can work with MIDI tracks, record what you play on the keyboard and then export it to score.

review de Cubase para usar con teclado MIDI

It is one of the most used programs for recording music bands. Both at amateur level in Home Studios and with professionals. It is also used to create electronic music.The best: you can do with it whatever you want and the fact that it is so popular makes it have a very strong user community in forums and plenty of approval.The worst: intermediate learning curve.

FL Studio

Easy-to-use sound editing and music creation software.

It supports MIDI keyboards and you can record tracks as above and then export them to music sheet.It does not have a community as big as CUBASE and although some voices defend that it is as powerful as the previous one, the general perception is that it is a more amateur program.It is good to start with or if you just want to record music and compose at a certain level, because if anything stands out, it means is also much more intuitive.

It easily rivals Ableton Live.The best: The price and how easy it is to learn how to handle it.The worst: It has fewer plugins than Cubase and the user community is smaller, so if you get into the world of music production you may need something more. However, this software is very useful.

FL Studio vs Ableton Live​

Ableton Live is also very intuitive and often comes with several MIDI keyboards already included as it has a good business strategy. The truth is, we can tell you it does not matter which one you use. You can do the same, the important thing is that you feel good with the interface and that it is intuitive for you, because if you are going to change to something more powerful, you better jump directly to CUBASE.


Is a good one if you want to compose music and are interested in transcribing music sheet. Sibelius is the most powerful program to compose. Because it is made for that particular function. Writing scores.Keyboard shortcuts, program features. Everything is designed to generate and edit scores with maximum ease and productivity. So, that makes it the best option, if that is what you need.Here is an example video for you to see how to configure a MIDI keyboard in Sibelius.

Which MIDI keyboard to choose?

There are MIDI keyboards of various prices, but what is important is that it is not a monophonic keyboard but a polyphonic keyboard. That is, it allows you to press several keys at once to make a chord. Otherwise you will not be able to play the piano or compose comfortably.

There are piano keyboards with MIDI interface and Hammer Action MIDI controllers that emulate the touch of a normal piano. They are more expensive, but much better for pianists who want a real touch. If you are interested, we share here with you some post with reviews of MIDI keyboards that can be very useful to you.

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