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Studying piano from the age of 30, cerebral plasticity

A lot of people ask this question. And it is normal to have doubts because musical learning is usually linked to starting at an early age. They have not always said that music has to be studied from an early age, that children learn very quickly and that adults become clumsy and slow.

The classic argumentation was a real annihilator of creativity, motivation and personal improvement. But it is true that until recently it was not easy to refute these arguments.

And what has changed in these years that makes the paradigm shift possible? Well, mainly new neuroscientific research and the discovery of “brain plasticity”.

Surely on many occasions you have heard of the fact that over the years neurons are lost and these are not created again. Well, this is partly true, but the brain plasticity goes the other way. Human beings use between 5 and 10% of their brain capacity. I mean, there are plenty of neurons…

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

estudiar piano a partir de los 30 y la plasticidad cerebral

In the last 10 years new neuronal studies have shown that it is possible to train neurons. So that they learn to do tasks that were not previously assigned to them. In other words, new connections and neural networks can be generated. So that new skills are acquired with proper practice and those neural networks endure over time.

This ability of any neuron to learn new things and be able to perform new functions is what is known as brain plasticity. At first it was mainly applied to people who had had brain damage and who had lost function. Basically, other areas of the brain were taught to do what damaged neurons did before.

This capacity of the neurons apart from being very useful in rehabilitation destroyed a paradigm. An adult can generate new neural structures with proper training, and literally anyone can become smarter than they used to be. You can train intelligence like a muscle.

Having explained the above, it goes without saying that this is changing the whole world of education. What you haven’t learned as a child, you can learn as an adult. And even better.

An adult with “well-trained” intelligence can be much better and learn faster than a child. Although it is true that the adult is subjected to other difficulties. Mainly lack of time, difficulty concentrating due to stress and a little less vitality. But vitality is one thing and intelligence is another, they are different variables.

An adult has to train to be smarter and learn new things, especially if he or she has never done so. But he’s got one thing the kid doesn’t have. And it’s motivation and knowing what he wants so he can appreciate the potential that playing a musical instrument such as the piano can bring him.

Well, in short, can you play the piano from the age of 30? The answer is yes and you can reach a professional or very advanced level perfectly. In order to do this, we have to take the vitality out of the motivation, because the child usually beats us in vitality. But knowing what you want is an unstoppable engine.

So don’t just accept traditional paradigms. We have already explained to you that scientifically it is already known that you can be smarter and train your constancy. The important thing is that you form yourself intelligently and in order not to lose your motivation. Your brain plasticity will do the rest and it’ll get easier and easier.Studying music increases your neural connections, they explain it very well in the following video:

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

We hope that we have answered the question that many people ask themselves. In my case I tell you that I also started in adult music and now I dedicate myself to it professionally. And I feel a lot smarter and smarter than when I was 14.

Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done! And if you think this post can be useful to someone, don’t hesitate to share it on social networks. This post is part of our mega guide to learn piano and keyboard . On the other hand if you want to learn in a self-taught way we recommend our selection with the best digital platforms to learn piano. Technology is opening up many possibilities and I’m sure the post will surprise you.

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