Piano Analysis Roland RD 2000: Review and Opinion

Roland has always stood out for offering alternatives of keyboards and digital pianos for practically any user, the RD2000 is a digital piano with 88 wooden keys, totally focused on those who want to make live presentations or simply require a very powerful keyboard with piano sensitivity.

The construction quality of the RD2000 combined with the variety of voices, tones, effects, and functions in general, make it a very powerful digital piano ideal for those looking to make presentations and music production.


The Roland RD2000 is a very versatile keyboard, offering features of a high-level digital piano, highlighting its 88-key wooden keyboard with ebony/Ivoryfeel system, connectivity, and a variety of tones. Below are the features of the RD2000:

  • ​88 Wooden keys with plastic coating, ebony/Ivoryfeel technology system (counterweight and pressure sensitivity)
  • 2 independent Sound Generators
  • Technology V Piano
  • Super Natural Technology (Piano, E.Piano, and Clav)
  • Virtual Tone Wheel and Sound Generator PCM
  • polyphony complete in V system Piano and polyphony of 128 notes in SUPERnatural system.
  • 1100 Tones
  • 300 Programs
  • FX modulation: 4 systems with 62 types
  • 6 types of Reverb
  • 4 systems and 6 types of tremolo/amp simulator
  • 5 types of delay
  • Sympathetic Resonance (only available for Supernatural piano)
  • 3 Band Compressor
  • 5-band Equalizer
  • 200 patterns of rhythms
  • 20 Controllers ( 8 Slider with illumination, 8 knobs with illumination 1 pitch bend and 2 modulation Wheel )
  • 2-channel sound recording (24-bit processing, 192kHz, 96 KHz, 88.2 KHz, 48 KHz and 44.1 KHz sampling)
  • 256×80 dots LCD screen.
  • Output from ¼ L/Mono, R
  • Output (L,R) type XLR
  • Exit L,R from ¼
  • Stereo entry ¼
  • Input for damper pedal (FC1, FC2, EXT) and triple footswitch (DP-2, DP-10)
  • MIDI connection ( IN, OUT1, THRU/OUT2)
  • USB Type B for computer connectivity
  • USB type A for memory
  • ¼ input for headphones
  • Power connector ( Consumption 23w)

The RD 2000 offers a great variety of functions, however, the functions are not the only thing to emphasize of this keyboard, the quality of construction and the versatility that offers are two factors to emphasize for those who are in search of a digital piano for musical production and live presentations.


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The sound quality offered by the Roland RD 2000 is really impressive, the cleanliness and clarity that is able to emit this model, added to the complete polyphony gives very good results, although it is necessary to remember that to take advantage of the RD2000 is necessary to have a quality amplifier, since the digital piano does not have integrated speakers.

Below is a sound test of the RD 2000:

As you can appreciate the variety of sounds and the validity of the same is very good, the voices included in the video sound clean and clear, simulating the instrument they represent.

For those who are looking for a more complete demo, we include a 7-hour video showing all the sounds of the RD 2000.


In terms of connectivity the RD 2000 has absolutely everything you need, inputs and outputs from ¼, XLR inputs and outputs, MIDI, USB type A and type B, input for pedal and triple footswitch, output ¼ for headphones and stereo input from ¼.

Considering that this digital piano is for advanced musicians who require connectivity focused on live performances and/or music production, Roland’s RD 2000 has everything you need to accomplish the job, with connectivity options to integrate virtually any required accessory.

Advantages and disadvantages of RD 2000

The advantages of this model are:

  • 88 wooden, weighted, and pressure-sensitive keys.
  • Construction and design
  • Sound quality (especially piano voice)
  • Ringtones
  • Functions
  • Connectivity

The disadvantages of this model are:

  • No built-in speakers
  • The complete polyphony is only available for the V Piano system.
  • The balance is clearly positive for the Roland RD 2000, this model has great features that make it an option to consider within the digital stage pianos. The only disadvantages of this model are the lack of integrated loudspeakers and the polyphony (it only has complete polyphony for V Piano).

Where to buy Roland RD 2000

It will always be better to buy in an online store, however, you should check that the company guarantees adequate transportation and a good price. For a keyboard of this price the best option is by far at Europe the well-known Thomann but in America or Asia check Amazon, here we leave you the direct links:

For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:

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