Digital Piano Yamaha PSR E363 Complete Review Is It Worth It?

Today we are going to talk about the new version Yamaha PSR E353. One of the best-selling keyboards in the cheap range for beginners. The new model is the Yamaha PSR E373. We compare 363 and 373 in this post. Keep reading…

We already told you that there are not many changes in the new Yamaha PSR E363. Basically it is a redesign of the keyboard and a couple of improvements, to justify taking out a new model. Anyway, we are going to do a general review in case you do not know the previous model and then we will tell you the new improvements it brings and if its worth buying it while the two models coexist in the market.


The Yamaha PSR E363 and its predecessor are probably one of the most balanced keyboards for beginners. You cannot ask for more for such a cheap keyboard. It has what we consider basic to get you started: 61 sensitive (non-weighted) keys, sustain pedal input, and USB MIDI so you can connect it to your computer and record MIDI tracks.

Where to Buy Yamaha PSR E363?


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The sound of the Yamaha PSR E363 has been sampled and recorded with the AWM system. A somewhat old pattern, but still a standard in this price range.

The Yamaha PSR E363 and its predecessor bring almost the same number of voices. Specifically, the new model has 574 voices. One more than the previous model. This is a lot of different sounds and voices, as you have in it a great piano sound, which also brings organs, different instruments, and electric pianos. The piano sound is quite dignified. The others are not bad, but consider the price you would pay for it. They cannot be compared with the Yamaha PSR S670, for example. The PSR S series is more professional than the PSR E series.

It has a 48-voice polyphony compared to the 32 of his previous model. This change was necessary. The polyphony is the number of notes that can sound at once. This includes those that play and those that sound if you play on top of an accompaniment. An initial level is sufficient.

It brings an enormous amount of accompaniments (165) and like all the keyboards of the Yamaha PSR series, a great variety of reverb, chorus, Master EQ, and Harmony effects, making it well-endowed in this particular.

We leave you the official video so you can hear the sounds.

Connectivity and Extras

What we like the most and that we have also mentioned before is that it brings sustain pedal input. Although you will have to buy it later when you move forward with the keyboard. You can have them from 15 euros or 20 dollars. It is important because it serves to keep the note in time even if you stop pressing the key. A basic expressive resource when playing the piano.

Another good thing is its price. It is usually below 200 euros (250 dollars more or less) if your demand is not very high. And it comes with USB MIDI! MIDI is important because it allows you to do things like record a MIDI track while playing in a music editing program. And then with a single click export it to score. It can do this and much more. It is a highly recommended start-up.

You can record what you play into the memory of the keyboard itself and then play over those recordings by layering.

It also has an arpeggio function to make whole sentences with just one keystroke. Also, it has a metronome.

It has an exit headphone to study in silence. Although it has no line output to plug the keyboard into powerful amplification systems. So in many cases, you will need an increase in the audio signal strength. You can use the headphone output to plug it into an amplifier. So, keeping this in mind, in several cases you will need an extra. It is not intended as a concert keyboard although in a small bar it is worth the exit of the headphones. It comes with 2.5W speakers, but to play in a bar you need an extra amplifier.

The Yamaha PSR E363 is a great keyboard to learn for one or two years and then save it as a secondary keyboard. It is also the typical keyboard that is then sold very well as second-hand. Although as it has the USB MIDI output it will always serve you as a very light MIDI keyboard. It only weighs 4 Kg. and can be battery operated.

If you want keyboards that simulate a piano better and are worth more years, what you are looking for is a portable piano keyboard. In that case, do not hesitate to visit our selection with the best piano keyboards of the moment and also our guide with the best cheap keyboards of the current market.

Yamaha PSR E363 vs Yamaha PSR E373

There is not much room for improvement for the price this model is priced at. The new model brings the following:

  • The new model has more sounds, 622 vs. 574 of the yamaha PSR 363.
  • The internal memory has been improved by at least 1 MB.

Both still have the same recording capabilities and although the new one has some new DSP effects for sound wave modification they are not important for a beginner. They are not a big deal and are only good for playing a little bit. It is a very good keyboard to start with for its price but the important thing as I always say: Sensitivity on the keyboard, MIDI and sustain pedal.

Yamaha PSR E363 vs Yamaha PSR E353

As we have been telling you, the differences are very small. Basically a more modern redesign of the shell and polyphony of 48 notes compared to the 32 of the Yamaha PSR E353, which were a bit short.

Note: we have updated this post and the Yamaha PSR 353 is now out of stock. You will only find the Yamaha PSR E363.

Also, do not miss our article on the Yamaha PSR E353, if you have the opportunity to buy it second-hand below 100 euros.

Where to buy Yamaha PSR E363

These entry-level keyboards can be found ultra-cheap by shopping online. The important thing is that the store offers you a total guarantee of several years and safe transport. If you ask other musicians about the worldwide leader, by far is going to be Amazon, but in Europe it is Thomann. Here you have the direct link to the best combination for the Yamaha PSR E363:

For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:

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