Yamaha PSR S670 In-Depth Review and Where to Buy It

Yamaha’s PSR keyboards are electronic keyboards designed for a wide variety of sounds and are highly focused on music production and DJ.PSR keyboards are starting to get serious about performance from the Yamaha PSR E463 for less than 300 € but it is the PSR S line that we can already consider with a professional approach.The Yamaha PSR S670 is a wonder we have found at a more than affordable price.

Where to Buy the Yamaha PSR S670?


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Along with other more professional models, the Yamaha PSR S770 (you’ll see the post also the S775) and the PSR S970 (also compared to the S975) the Yamaha PSR S670 brings controls to modify the music we play in real-time.


It has a modulator and synthesizer so we can create and mix in real-time.

The Yamaha PSR S670 has a 16-track sequencer to create your own mixes in which you can use all available sounds (which are hundreds) and an 8-channel sequencer to create rhythm patterns.

Have a look at the following video to listen to some of the sounds this keyboard has. They sound very successful and with a very professional sampling. Read on after the video that the review follows.


Let’s analyze some aspects that are not discussed in the previous video.


Sonido y Funciones DJ

It originally comes with 416 different sounds + 34 Drum kits and a 480-voice expansion with Yamaha XG expansion modules.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

As you may have heard in the video, the sounds are much more real than in Yamaha’s E series. There is an important qualitative leap in this quality.

In addition, the Yamaha PSR S670 has a polyphony of 128 notes and this is important in a keyboard intended to have DJ functions. The polyphony is the number of notes that can sound at once. This includes accompaniments and other tracks that may sound while you play. With 128 you have a good polyphony without limitations.

It has 44 reverb types and 73 chorus types and very advanced arpeggio functions and helps to play difficult passages. You can record a lot of sounds and mix them live. On the other hand, although it has internal memory you can put a flash drive and work on it in real-time.

It has modulation wheels and a large number of PADS buttons for saving sound settings. All very configurable. You can configure a large number of “shortcuts” to the functions and sounds you want to have available while you work.

Bring lots of voices to create your own music from scratch and have input so you can plug in your computer or a mic and use it in your mixes.

Of course, it has metronome functions for transporting scales and has an octave button.

Designed for life has the most important thing missing from the E series keyboards, has stereo line output so you can connect to any amplification system without the need for an injection box.

Touch and pedals

The keyboard has several sensitivities but it is not Hammer Action. His goal is not that you learn to play the piano but we like to touch.

As far as pedals are concerned it has an input for a sustain pedal and that you can maintain the note. In the end, it is a very important expressive resource on the piano. But you have to buy it separately, even though it doesn’t cost much.

MIDI connection

Of course, it has a USB MIDI connection for you to connect to your computer and you can record MIDI tracks that can then be exported to a score directly.

Of course, the Yamaha PSR S670 has everything you need to create professional-level music. And all this in the price range of less than 600 €. This is brutal as a price.

It is important that you keep in mind that the lower end electronic keyboards. Both Casio and Yamaha are a little bit to play, compose and mix but if you want to play live and not limit your keyboard is his minimum start with this range. And if you already know how to play a little piano you can play any kind of music. It has a professional sound (very good sampling) and a very good sensitivity. It’s good for salsa, funk, jazz, classic…

Where to Buy Yamaha PSR S670

Buying online you can get the best prices and today this format surpasses the sale in a physical store.

It’s important that the store you choose has a great reputation, a full warranty, and reliable shipping service.

The leading store in Europe that all musicians know is Thomann. Here you have the direct link to the article. But if you live in the United States, Canada, or another place where you have as well the direct to your Amazon website:

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