Digital Pianos Roland BK 5 – Review. Is it worth it?

The Roland BK 5 is an electronic keyboard with full synthesizer functions very powerful and comparable to the keyboards of the Yamaha PSR S series. So we can consider it professional

Sound and Synth Functions

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

It has more than 1172 sounds and a polyphony of 128 notes. That’s the amount of notes that can sound at once. This includes what you play and the accompaniments.

It has a very expressive piano sound and electric piano also very achieved as you can see in the video in this section.

On the other hand you have more than 305 rhythms or accompaniments. These accompaniments synchronize with what you’re playing and enrich your performance. We would say that they follow you so that you can have a string accompaniment while playing classical piano for example.

In addition, the Roland BK 5 brings a lot of rhythms and accompaniments with very interesting Latin sounds.

The Roland BK 5 has full synthesizer functions and on the left wheel you can set which parameters you want to affect in real time. Modulation, etc.

In addition the Roland BK 5 has the accompaniment function. So you can play without worrying about the harmonic accompaniment of the left hand. It’s done by the keyboard itself (Pianist Mode).

Of course it brings many reverb and chorus effects. More than you’ll ever need… and attention to the Hammond organ sound, very good as you’ll see in the video. After the video follows the review.

Quick Control Commands

Very good pads or One Touch buttons, in which you can save sounds to access them quickly. A basic in this type of keyboards that are always needed.

It has highly recommended sounds for creating soundtracks for movies and videos.

Connections and MIDI

It has MIDI output so you can use it as a MIDI controller and do things like record a MIDI track on your computer and then automatically turn it into a music sheet or transport it in tone in a few seconds with any program that supports MIDI tracks.

You can also record multiple tracks in wav format on your own flash drive and work from it. So you don’t have to load them on the computer. It also has controls to delay the tempo of the theme or accelerate it without affecting the quality.

It has an auxiliary input IN mini-jack so you can add any sound that will pass through the keyboard and sound through the speakers so that you can treat and synthesize it. In the video they use it to connect the voice microphone through a pedal.

It has sustain pedal input but it is not included. This is vital to keep the note in time even if you stop pressing the key.


Pay attention to the Loop functionality that allows you to mark a point in a start and end song and repeat those pieces in a loop. This can be very useful for study or interpretation.

It has a voice suppressor so that in a song you remove the singer’s voice and only the accompaniment of a song that you have in the flash drive for example…

With the MIDI functionalities on the keyboard display I can see the lyrics of sounds I have downloaded and the harmony. Very good as Karaoke functions. It has video output to do Karaoke on a monitor.

It’s got 12-watt speakers. Quite powerful for accompaniment of other instruments even outdoors. But if you need it, it has a stereo line output to connect it to any amplification system with what it’s worth as a stage keyboard.

Keyboard and Hammer Action

It has a sensitive keyboard, but it’s not Hammer Action. It’s not optimal for learning classical or conservatory. Its intention is more for people who already play a certain level of piano or who want to experiment with modern music.

Yamaha PSR S670 vs Roland BK 5

El Roland BK as a weight of 7 kg. Really portable

Both keyboards are for similar purposes. The Roland BK 5 has more sounds although the Yamaha S670 is much cheaper and the interface is more usable. Yamaha has more worked usability. The Yamaha PSR S670 has hit the road and the Roland BK 5 has been loaded. Don’t miss our review of the Yamaha PSR S670.

Both have 128 polyphony notes but the Roland BK has sounds with a very remarkable expressiveness. Although the Yamaha PSR S670 wins by price.

Both the PSR S670 and the Roland BK5 have a set of sounds to create very interesting electronic music and both have line output for live.The Roland BK weighs about 7 kg.

He’s tremendously portable and that’s his forte.

Where to buy the Roland BK 5?

Right now there two good options to buy it. Amazon and Thomann. Roland BK 5 is growing again in popularity

For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:


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