Review and Where to Buy the Korg SP 280

The Korg SP 280 is the Korg’s bet to compete with the Yamaha P115 (now Yamaha P125) and the Roland FP 30. Its idea is to create a portable digital piano to study but with a clear to use it for a lot of years.

It is a piano keyboard for less than 700 € that differs a little from its rivals in some features that call our attention. It costs around €584/$700/£539.


With a polyphony of 120 notes the Korg SP 280 offers us enough margin in this aspect. Polyphony is the number of notes that sound at once. Including the accompaniments that sound as you play.

Where to Buy the Korg SP 280?


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It has 30 sounds of real piano, electric pianos, baroque instruments, strings and even guitar. In this he outperforms his rivals except for Roland FP 30. It has reverb, chorus and brightness effects of enough quality for its price. With three levels each.

efectos Korg SP 280

It has a very successful and usable interface. You can layering and mixing two sounds at once. For example piano with strings. A basic of these keyboards.

Listen to this video that even though it is in English will teach you how several of those tones sound. Then the review goes on talking about things you need to know, so read on.

Hammer Action and controls

He has a Hammer Action Korg (weighted keys) NH with a touch of ivory and synthetic ebony that we like quite a lot. It absorbs a lot of sweat for a mid-range piano.

Its Hammer Action and adjustable sensitivity is the norm for pianos in its range. And the fact that it can be regulated is not so common.

It has transposition and tuning functions. The metronome is very complete and intuitive.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

Connectivity and Extras

In this case it has MIDI IN/OUT. This is important because you can do such wonderful things as record a MIDI track on your computer while playing with the CUBASE program and then export that track to music sheet with a single click. Or manipulate it and transport it to another shade. It’s very important.

We’re surprised he can’t take a triple pedal. With sustain pedal included. Which is the most used and the one that helps to keep the note in time while stepping. Supports half-pedal option. It’s got another pedal connector.

Like many pianos in this price range you can divide the piano in two so you can study teacher and student or do duets. The good thing is, he’s got two headphones outputs, too.

Apart from a pleasant feel and a very usable interface what stands out most is the power of your speakers. They’re 15 W, so in many places you won’t even need to amplify. It also has stereo line output for you to connect to any PA or amplification system without the need for an injection box.

Comes with stand and power supply included. What saves you the money of buying it later, that must be taken into account in the price. It has a good portability of 19 kg, it is ok to take it in the car. In more complicated public transport.It’s good for studying up to the middle grade without any problems. No triple pedal is allowed.

Korg SP 280 vs Yamaha P115 and Yamaha P125

It must be said that the Yamaha P115 is out of print and its new model is the best Yamaha P115. So let’s compare it with the Yamaha P115 and you can extrapolate the same comparison with the Yamaha P125 because the only difference between the two is that the Yamaha P125 brings 10 more piano sounds.

On the one hand the Yamaha P115 and the Yamaha P125 have more polyphony. Up to 192 notes.

As for the Hammer Action, we like the touch of the Korg SP 280 better. It’s very successful. Otherwise in this aspect both are equal.

The Korg SP 280 gains in that its speakers are much more powerful and its interface much more usable. And it also has 30 sounds compared to the 10 of the Yamaha P115. But now that equals more because the Yamaha P125 has 24 now.

Both have MIDI and Duet mode with two headphones. Both come with lectern but the Korg SP 280 comes with support included. That’s what you have to think about the price difference.

Both have live line output and the Yamaha P125 and the P115 has a turbo called Sound Boost to make it sound more powerful.

Before it was more expensive the Korg but it has lowered enough of price until it equals with the P125. Although the Yamaha P125 has line output to play live.The Yamaha P125 is sold more but if you find the Korg SP 280 very cheap is to consider it. Don’t miss our review of the Yamaha P125 and this video which clearly explains important concepts of digital pianos:

Korg SP 280 vs Roland FP 30

Roland FP 30 is a very tough opponent to beat. Is better in price with the Yamaha P125 but has some very curious extras. His keyboard’s pretty good. Although the sensitivity is not adjustable like the Korg SP 280.

It has a polyphony similar to the Korg of 128 voices and 35 sounds with its super natural engine and its 11 W speaker system is between the Yamaha P125 and the Korg SP 280. Although the Korg continues to gain sound power.

It has a built-in microphone so you can record your songs even with voice and record it directly to the computer to a flash drive. Well, it’s got a USB port.

The Roland FP 30 has two headphone outputs for teacher and student in the Duet mode.The Roland FP 30 is almost perfect.. Don’t miss our review of the Roland FP 30.

Where to Buy the Korg SP 280

If you live at America or Asia check Amazon. If you live at Europe pls check as well Thomann:

If you want to know other options of brands such as Casio we recommend our selection with the best piano keyboards of the moment. In it are the Yamaha P125 and the Roland FP 30. On the other hand we leave you these posts that surely interest you:

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