Digital Piano Yamaha Arius YDP 142 Full review. Is It a good Choice?

The Yamaha ARIUS YDP 142 is a digital piano which, although out of print, is still being sold and has an important second-hand market. Its new model is the Yamaha YDP 143 and now the Yamaha YDP 144 and we also tell you the most reliable store to buy it but below we tell you the differences.

It is a digital piano with 88 keys that usually costs around 700 euros. It is not intended as a portable digital piano. But as a digital studio piano, because it imitates in appearance a real piano and weighs quite a lot. Digital pianos have numerous advantages over acoustic pianos. Although they imitate their appearance they are much less heavy (this one weighs 38 kg as opposed to the almost 200 of an upright piano). They can be played with headphones to avoid disturbing neighbors and can also be connected to the computer thanks to the MIDI interface.

The Yamaha YDP 142 has 10 high-quality piano sounds that have been sampled from a real Yamaha piano with Pure CF Sound Engine technology.

Here’s a video for you to hear how it sounds and below follows the review.

​On the other hand, it has a Hammer Action keyboard. This means that the keys mimic the weight of the real keys on a piano. This is very important when it comes to progress in learning to play the piano. In addition to Hammer Action, a digital piano must have a sensitive keyboard. In this case, the Yamaha system is Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) with 4 sensitivities.

With that touch, you can regulate the dynamics with which you play. This is the force with which the note sounds.

Where to Buy the New Yamaha YDP 144?


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Yamaha YDP 142 also comes with 50 pre-recorded accompaniments (presets) on which you can play. This piano has a polyphony of 128 notes, which is the number of notes that can sound at a time. This includes those of the accompaniments and the notes held by the pedals.

Another thing that stands out is the Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC) which is a system that regulates highs and lows when playing at low volume and together with effects like the resonance dumper aims to make your experience as faithful as possible to play on real acoustic pianos. Try to imitate even the vibrating strings in the sound.


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As we mentioned before, one of the most important advantages of digital pianos is that they can be connected to a computer via the USB MIDI to HOST connection.

MIDI allows you to do real wonders such as recording MIDI tracks with a music production program and then exporting those tracks to scores and even adapting them to any instrument. It also allows you to write scores while playing with programs like Sibelius.

The Yamaha YDP 142 has 2 outlets for headphones and this is because it has a Duet mode that allows you to split the piano in 2 as if they were two smaller pianos so that student and teacher can play together. With 88 keys you can do this without any problem.


The good thing about a digital piano like this one is that it comes with a triple pedal. The most important of these pedals is the sustain pedal that allows holding the note even if the key is released. That consumes polyphony so 128 notes are fine.

Although the video says it’s for beginners it’s true that many people study many hours about digital pianos like this one. For the price and the sound advantages. So you will be worth it for many years and even the conservatory (although if you study in an elite plan is that you study in an acoustic piano as well).

This digital piano like all of its range also allows you to record what you play and has internal memory, so you can then play on top of what you have recorded. It has adjustable metronome and reverb and chorus effects.

Where to buy Yamaha Arius YDP 142?

The YDP 142 is out of stock so now we are going to compare the YDP 142 with the YDP 143 and then with the Yamaha P125 which is a very interesting option as a portable digital piano (both in our digital piano ranking linked below). In the comparisons you have several possibilities of purchase:

Yamaha YDP 144 vs Yamaha YDP 143 vs Yamaha YDP 142

The new version is the Yamaha YDP 143 which brings some improvements at the same price so it is becoming a top seller and a great option for people who want to study with a digital piano at a good price. The differences basically go from 128 to 192, which was the only thing missing for that price it has.worldwide

The new Yamaha YDP 144 improve the sound of a grand piano with the Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Sound

Yamaha YDP 144 can be found at your local Amazon website:


Another good option in Europe is Thomann. They ship all over Europe


YAMAHA YDP 142 vs Yamaha P115 vs Yamaha P125

The Yamaha P115 (and its new model the Yamaha P125) is one of the best-selling stars and one of the best piano keyboards available at value for money. A very good option if what you want is portability. For a better price, you even have more features because portable digital pianos are lighter and look more like an electronic keyboard. But it has many advantages:

  • It has 88 sensitive and hammer action keys with the same technology.
  • Recording and duet function in both
  • He’s got more polyphony. A total of 192 notes. Although the new Yamaha YDP 143 already has 192 polyphony notes.
  • The same quantity of sounds and with the same quality.
  • It is portable and weighs only 12 kg. It can be connected to the computer with USB MIDI to Host.

What only comes with the included sustain pedal. But it supports a triple pedal although it is not included and this keyboard costs almost 100 euros less than the YDP 142.

The Yamaha P115 can be used as a stage keyboard. As it has line output and can be plugged into any amplification equipment.

Both have speakers but the P115’s are more powerful. In short, the Yamaha P115 is right for you if you’re looking for more usability and functional advantages. The Yamaha Arius YDP 142 is ideal if you just want it to study and you care that it looks more like a “real piano” for aesthetic reasons.

We leave you a video so that you know everything about the Yamaha P125,.

Always a good idea to have a look at your local Amazon for Yamaha P125:


For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:


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