Digital Piano Yamaha PSR S770 Full Review. Is It Worth it?

Today we’re going to talk about the Yamaha PSR S770 professional keyboard. The S PSR Series keyboards are electronic keyboards designed for the live show and keyboard player who needs a wide variety of professional sounds and the ability to make electronic music as a live DJ too.

Note: the Yamaha PSR S775 has been released, which is the new model. We update the purchase links and compare them below. And now you have our new review of the Yamaha PSR S775 available.

In the S series of the PSR, we have this model that we are dealing with and another higher range model, the Yamaha PSR S970 (now there is the new model Yamaha PSR S975, which we compared in the review of PSR S970 before linked). Although they’re both very similar. The cost of the S970 is higher. They are differentiated by the number of sounds they bring and that has more memory and processing capacity.

Where to Buy the Yamaha PSR S770 (now PSR S775)?


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The Yamaha PSR S770 has 1346 high-quality sounds and 360 accompaniment styles. It also brings a great variety of drum sounds and very well sampled rhythms.

This series of keyboards stands out because it has perfectly recorded sounds from other instruments. And with the elements, you have to modulate and modify the sound signal you can do almost anything with them and live. Even guitar bending. It has a keyboard with 61 sensitive keys, but no weighted keys. With a good touch, there is no sensation of plastic keys.

Like the PSR S970, the PSR S770 has 128 polyphony notes which are the number of notes that can sound at the same time. This is important because it is not only the notes that you play but also the accompaniments that sound at the same time also consume those notes.

It has Yamaha Master Compressor and Master EQ that allows you to modify sounds, equalize them and save them in memory tracks to be used at any time.

It can be recorded and sung by the microphone and stored on a flash drive on the fly. Very powerful. Their specifications in summary are:

  • 61 touch-sensitive keys
  • 1346 sounds from different instruments.
  • 360 styles and accompaniments.
  • 128 notes of polyphony (good quantity)
  • Compatible with GM2/GS sounds
  • Micro/guitar input
  • DJ Styles and Sounds
  • Real-time controllers for direct
  • Arpeggio function
  • 280 MB internal storage expansion
  • DSP
  • Multi Pads Audio Link
  • Very large color display.
  • Audio player and recorder (WAV and MP3)
  • Modulation and pitch bend wheels
  • Very powerful integrated 15 W speaker system.
  • Dimensions: 1002 x 437 x 148mm (W x H x D)
  • Includes power supply
  • Weight: 11,1Kg

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

DJ Features

It has many accompaniments to create electronic music and most importantly. It has many controls to modify the sounds in real-time. Thought for a live show. It has a modulator wheel and pitch bend. Next to the keys, it has configurable white buttons (pads) where you can store sounds created or adapted by you from those that come to you. So you have quick access to them.


“Cambiar sonido” means “change sound”

It has advanced arpeggio functions, so you can store entire melodic phrases in one key.

You almost have a mixer built into your keyboard. You have many controls to modify the sound wave and create your own sounds. It also has a microphone input for you to create your own human voices with different filters.

It has a very powerful color interface that is like having a computer built into the keyboard. It also has monitor output if we want to work on a larger screen.

interfaz-a-color yamaha psr s770

You can record sounds as is logical in the most popular formats on the market. It’s the base of this keyboard. It also has a USB input to work directly from your mixes stored on your flash drive. You can do all this on a live set.

Connectivity and speakers

The connectivity is very good. It has headphone output and stereo line output so you can connect your keyboard to any PA or mixer without the need to amplify the signal with an injection box.

As we said before it has an input for USB flash drive and micro. But it also has a USB MIDI to host output so that you can connect it, for example, to a music sheet editing program or a music production program such as Cubase.

In addition, you can connect a guitar and that this one sounds by the speakers of the keyboard. Which are very powerful so you can go and play with this keyboard without the need for extra amplification in small restaurants. They are 2 x 15 W, very powerful.

It has an input for the sustain pedal but it doesn’t come included.

Apart from this is a very portable keyboard that only weighs 11.1 kg. Batteries not supported, power supply included.

Here’s a summary of the connections:

  • Micro/guitar input
  • Headphones
  • MIDI input/output
  • USB to Host
  • USB to device
  • Auxiliary input
  • Line output L/L+R, R
  • Sustain pedal

Yamaha PSR S770 vs Yamaha PSR S775

In dimensions and weight, they are exactly the same but the PSR S775 brings some improvements at the same price as its previous model:

  • It has more voices as the new model brings 930 sounds compared to the 830 of the PSR S770. It also features 50 Drum/SFX kit sounds compared to 36 in the previous one.
  • More expansion possibilities. Now 280 MB compared to 160 MB before.
  • More “preset styles”, from the 360 of before to the 460 of now.
  • The audio recorder can display the letters in .mpr3 format if the file has this information (Lyrics Display Function).

Evidently, if you buy it new the safest thing you will choose is the Yamaha PSR S975. Don’t forget to take a look at our review of the Yamaha PSR S975 where we also compared it to other keyboards that have come out in 2018.

Yamaha PSR S770 vs Yamaha PSR S970

Mainly the differences are in the number of sounds, memory, and price. The 770 has 1346 sounds compared to 1510 of the PSR S970. And it has 360 accompaniments compared to the 450 styles + 40 audio styles of the S970.

On the other hand, the Yamaha PSR S770 has an expansion slot of 160 MB compared to the 512 MB slot of the S970). This allows you to do a lot more with the PSR S970.

It is necessary to say that none of them has a sustain pedal, and for the price, it would not be bad to bring it. Nor do they have a Hammer Action keyboard. But sensitivity and tact are good.

The Yamaha PSR S970 has many more possibilities but costs almost 700 euros more on average. If you have the money it’s worth it, but if you don’t start with the Yamaha PSR S770 it’s worth it for any live level. And if you want to later or sell second-hand and buy the top model. That’s a good option.

The idea of both keyboards is more or less the same. And that’s why they share Yamaha video, in which they explain the possibilities that exist with the two keyboards and tell you the differences between them. But more or less the ones we’ve told you. Here it goes and more down of the video we have left you the best option of purchase that we have detected.

Where to Buy Yamaha PSR S770 and Yamaha PSR S775

In the USA, Canada, etc the best option is Amazon. In Europe, the best option is without doubt Thomann. It is the store with the best reputation and being online you can get the best price. They have great offers, plus they give you a full warranty and free shipping. Here are the direct links:

If you want a keyboard that is more piano with 88 keys and a Hammer Action keyboard we recommend our selection of portable piano keyboard. And here are some other links that may be of interest to you if you are looking for this model:

On the other hand on the official website, you have a lot of tutorials to start managing their functions that sometimes people don’t see.


For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:


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