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Is the Hanon method a good piano method for beginners?

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Well, probably if you are interested to know about this method you are looking for exercises to improve your piano technique. So you’ve come up with the right post.

Before we talk a little about this popular method and a little about the controversy about its effectiveness.

Hanon’s method and exercises “The Virtuous Pianist”

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The Hanon is a series of 60 exercises classified on the basis of their progressive difficulty and that today is taught in many conservatories, mainly in the early years. It has become quite popular apart from its application because of the heated debate about its effectiveness. Famous pianists do not like the method at all and even reject its application. But he also has fiery defenders among quality pianists.

Some pianists criticize the method for not working properly hand independence and argue that all the time spent doing Hanon exercises on a daily basis would be much more useful if invested in another way. These detractors consider them to be simple intuitive warm-up exercises.

ejercicios para mano en el piano de Hanon

It must be said that it is a method of the nineteenth century, which is still widely used today, so that something will have if it is in the programs of conservatories. But it must also be said that a century of music education theory has advanced since then.

We are going to show you how some of these exercises are for you to get an idea, here goes the exercise number 2, remember that they are gradual exercises.

Hanon - Exercise no. 2

It must be said that it is a method of the nineteenth century, which is still widely used today, so that something will have if it is in the programs of conservatories. But it must also be said that a century of music education theory has advanced since then.

How to approach the Hanon method to learn piano?

The Hanon method is not an exclusive means of learning piano itself. It is a complement to a piano formation. So if you’re looking for a complete method to follow step by step and lead you through a progressive Hanon itinerary is not the option.

Hanon can complement other formations very well, of course. It is quite normal for other piano methods to include some Hanon exercises. For things are neither black nor white and the pedagogy of the piano technique has evolved a lot since then as we have already commented. But you can’t say they’re obsolete exercises at all.

The best way to get closer to Hanon is to follow a global piano method that includes or does not include Hanon exercises and yourself in parallel to get closer to these exercises. Each person is different and these exercises are very effective for some and not for others. You have to find out if they help you. Which is important for you to know that Hanon isn’t enough. It is simply a series of very popular exercises that have helped many people quite a bit.

It has to be said that for some people these exercises are the glory and it is very likely that you will end up experiencing them. Of course, trying them should always be a must.

How are you learning piano?

We asked you this because it is very possible that you have ended up in this post if you are learning piano on your own or in a self-taught way.

If you are with a private teacher, he will probably give you a compendium of the exercises you need and may or may not include Hanon.If you are looking for a piano method for beginners or books to learn piano in a self-taught way we will give you some options that will help you a lot.

One thing you have to take into account when learning piano without a private teacher is that you need a visual support of the exercises. How to buy the book or download it without any video you will despair because you won’t know how to put your hands or how to execute the exercise correctly if you don’t know something about piano. This is not good because it is not good for motivation.

One option you have is to get the Hanon in PDF and search for the first exercises on Youtube. This can be a very cheap option but quite laborious and uncomfortable, because you will have to save the videos. Many of these exercises are missing or the audio is of poor quality or is played very fast.

If you don’t want the book in cheap PDF and then have to print it here you can buy it cheap.

What we recommend is that you buy a gradual method with audiovisual support so that you can introduce yourself correctly in the piano at a basic level and while you are incorporating the first 10 exercises of Hanon, because you will find them in Youtube and here we gather them. Just click on the drop-down. But after the videos we’re going to recommend other options that you should listen to, so don’t hesitate to read the post until the end.


Hanon -- Exercises 1 to 10

Exercise 1

Hanon - Exercise no. 1

Exercise 2

Hanon - Exercise no. 2

Exercise 3

Hanon - Exercise no. 3

Exercise 4

Hanon - Exercise no. 4

Exercise 5

Hanon - Exercise no. 5

Exercise 6

Hanon - Exercise no. 6

Exercise 7

Hanon - Exercise no. 7

Exercise 8

Hanon - Exercise no. 7

Exercise 9

Hanon #9 warm-up exercise

Exercise 10

Hanon Exercise 10 Tutorial -- *How To Play*

How did you find out to mess with Hanon’s exercises without knowing anything about piano is a little hard. So if you’re not at that point we propose some options you have to learn piano in a self-taught and gradual way. All this so that you don’t look out of place and leave it at the end. If you know English the option of learning with computer software an electronic keyboard connected through USB MIDI is tremendously effective. Here they go:

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