Buy Kawai MP7: Review and Opinion

Kawai has always been known for designing high quality instruments with specialized functions, the MP7 is no exception to this rule.

Kawai has always been known for designing high quality instruments with specialized functions, the MP7 is no exception to this rule.

Where to Buy Kawai MP7?


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The MP7 has a great diversity of very interesting features for pianists and keyboardists, among the most outstanding are its 88 keys with pressure sensitivity and weighted keys, connectivity and 256 polyphony notes.


  • Keyboard with 88 weighted keys with Ivory Touch and Responsive Hammer 2 technology (dual exhaust system)
  • 256 Notes from polyphony
  • Harmonic Imaging sound source with 88 sample keys
  • 256 Voices including: 32 Piano Voices, 32 Organo Voices, 32 E. Piano Voices, 32 String Voices and
  • 128 additional voices.
  • 6 Reverb Settings ( Longue , Room, Small Hall , Concert Hall, Cathedral and Live Hall)
  • 129 Effects with 10 Parameters
  • 4 Zones : Main, Sub1, 2 and 3.
  • Amplifier Simulator for main zone
  • 4 Band Equalizer
  • Metronome ( 1/4 , 2/4, ¾, 4/4 5/4, 3/8, 7/8 and 12/8)
  • Recorder for 10 songs with functions to convert to audio and export.
  • Internal memory (256 sound memories and 256 configuration memories)
  • USB with functions for uploading and saving files
  • 52 parameters and functions
  • 128x64pixel illuminated LCD display
  • Entrance and exit ¼ with L/mono R)
  • Midi input and output with USB host and USB to Device
  • Input for Damper pedal (F-10H) and triple footswitch (F-30)
  • Power Supply Form : AC
  • Consumption of 20 W
  • Dimensions: 1.35m x 33.9 cm x 17.1 cm
  • Wood and Metal Construction
  • Weight: 21kg

It is very important to highlight the quality of the construction of the Kawai MP7, because unlike other models, this keyboard incorporates wood and metal within the materials used, in addition the characteristics of the keyboard make it a solid choice for those who make live presentations.


It is vital to know that the Kawai MP7 does not have built-in speakers, so it is necessary to connect an amplifier, mixer or headphones to work.

The sound quality of the Kawai MP7 is very high because it has 256 polyphony notes, however, in order to highlight the sound and take advantage of the cleanliness, clarity and quality it will be necessary to have headphones or amplifier of the same quality.

Below is a video with the sound quality of the Kawai MP7:


The Kawai MP7 is a highly equipped keyboard for live performances, with ¼ input and output, USB port and 4 inputs for pedals (damper pedals, soft and triple footswitch).

Perhaps some modern keyboard players may miss bluetooth, however, bluetooth is generally unnecessary for live performances, and Kawai incorporates various functions via USB, such as connectivity to mobile devices and the ability to import and export recordings. Within the connectivity to emphasize are the options of sound, since it allows to connect amplifier in stereo mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Kawai MP7

The advantages of this model are:

  • 88 weighted and pressure sensitive keys
  • Sound Quality (256 polyphony notes)
  • Connectivity
  • Functions for live presentations.
  • Functions for music production
  • Quality in construction and design
  • Personalization

The disadvantages of this model are:

  • Weight of 21kg
  • No built-in speakers

The scale is fully inclined to the advantages of the Kawai MP7, as it is a professional-grade keyboard with an all-round approach aimed at musicians who perform live and require a variety of music production functions. The quality of design and construction of the MP7 is one of the advantages to highlight, however, this model really has everything you need to make live presentations. It is difficult to find disadvantages in the MP7, however, you could consider the weight and lack of built-in speakers, although for those who are used to using their keyboard with amplifier will not be a big problem.

Kawai MP7 vs Kawai ES8

The Japanese brand, has different options that can compete, the case of the MP7 and the ES8 are two keyboards to consider for those pianists who want to play live. The differences between the two models are presented below:

  • The Kawai MP7 has 88 keys with weight and pressure sensitivity using Responsive
  • Hammer II technology, while the ES8 has 88 pressure sensitive keys and Responsive Hammer III technology.
  • The ES8 has 10 voices dedicated to piano and 24 additional voices, while the MP7 has 256 voices.
  • Both models feature 256-note polyphony and a ¼ L/R input and output.
  • A clear advantage of the ES8 is that it has 2 speakers of 15 watts each, while the MP7 does not have built-in speakers.
  • The size and weight of both models is very similar since the dimensions of the MP7 are: 1.35m x 33.9 cm x 17.1 cm and has a weight of 21kg, while the ES8 measures: 1.36m x 36.1cm x 14.9cm with a weight of 22.5kg.

Despite the differences between the MP7 and the ES8, these two models really have very similar features, however, the MP7 is a clear winner, as the only clear advantage of the ES8 are the two integrated speakers. Among the advantages of the MP7 are the 88 keys with weight, more voices and less weight.

The sound quality of the ES8 is presented below:

Kawai MP7 vs Kawai MP11

MP7 and MP11 are two Kawai models focused on music production and live performances, however, despite the similarities these two models have some differences to consider:

  • The MP7 has 88 weighted and pressure-sensitive keys, while the MP11 has 88 ivory-finished, weighted and pressure-sensitive keys.
  • The MP7 approach is more versatile as it has 256 Voices, while the MP11 has 40 Voices (mainly focused on piano).
  • MP7 has a larger internal memory (256 sound memories and 256 configuration memories), MP11 has only 40 sound memories and 208 configuration memories.
  • The MP11 has a larger size, as it measures: 1.38m x 45.3cm x 18.8cm, while the dimensions of the
  • MP7 are: 1.35m x 33.9 cm x 17.1 cm.
  • The MP7 weighs 11.5 kg less.

Actually the MP7 and MP11 are two very similar keyboards, in terms of quality of construction the MP11 is a clear winner, as it has ivory keys, however, if we focus on music production the MP7 is more versatile because it has a greater variety of voices.

Below is a video with the sound quality of the Kawai MP11:

Kawai MP7 vs Yamaha CP4

The two Japanese brands have always competed with different keyboard models, the MP7 and CP4 are no exception. The differences between the two models are presented below:

  • Both models feature 88 pressure-sensitive, weighted wooden keys. However, the Yamaha has black plastic keys, while the Kawai has 88 wooden keys.The Yamaha CP4 has a lower sound quality, as it has only 128 polyphony notes, while the MP7 has 256.
  • The MP7 has 256 voices, while the Yamaha has 433.
  • The CP4 has 11 effects, while the MP7 has 129.
  • Yamaha CP4 weighs 17.5kg and MP7 weighs 21kg.

As can be seen in the comparison above the two models are very similar, the Yamaha CP4 is a very good alternative for those seeking a wide variety of voices, however, the Kawai MP7 is a clear winner because it has a higher sound quality and the keyboard has better quality materials.


If you are looking for a high quality keyboard for live performances you should definitely consider the Kawai MP7 as one of the best options available on the market.

The MP7 has everything you need for music production and live performances, the quality of the keyboard is really good in every respect, the metal and wood construction is very solid and designed to give a piano like feel. The sound is of high quality, since it counts on polyphony of 256 notes and in matters of connectivity it has everything necessary.

If you are looking for an option other than MP7 you can search our guide of the best keyboards price / benefit ratio, if on the other hand you are looking for a cheap keyboard visit our guide of the cheapest keyboards.

Where to buy the Kawai MP7

It will always be a better option for price to make your purchases online, but it is necessary to make sure you place your order in a store that offers you the proper transportation and the best conditions of purchase. To buy the Kawai MP7 the best option in Europe is Thomann but in Asia and United States the best is Amazon:

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