Where to Buy the Korg PA 600: Review and Opinion

For all lovers of rock, electronic music and above all the musical composition the Korg PA600 is a great choice.

Within the 61-key keyboards with great recording functions the Korg PA600 stands out, since it possesses a wide diversity of voices, rhythms and functions that every lover of the musical composition will want to have.

Korg has always stood out as a popular brand among rock bands and electronic music, as its keyboards have an infinite number of functions to produce music, the PA 600 is no exception to this rule. It costs around €788/$1150/£725.

Where to Buy the Korg PA 600?


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The Korg PA 600 has 61 touch-sensitive keys and although there is no weight them, it has a key speed system that improves keyboard response, however, the focus of the PA 600 is entirely on functions for music production.

PA 600 has the following features:

  • 61 keys with speed system
  • 950 sounds and 64 preset battery kits (expandable to 128), the PA600 QT version includes sounds ideal for music from the Middle East, mainly music from Arabia and Turkey.
  • 1120 style positions and more than 360 preloaded styles.
  • Controls and variations for each style (beginnings, endings, accompaniments, etc.)
  • Dedicated piano and guitar functions with step recording
  • 125 types of effects and 3-band equalizer for each track
  • 4 Track Pads with Track Recording
  • 2 levers for assignable quick functions (joysticks)
  • Playback of up to 4 tracks in real time
  • 7-inch colour touch screen with 800×480 resolution and TFT technology
  • Fast and multi-track recording
  • Software for Windows with songbook, which includes a list of styles, accompaniments and tracks fully downloadable to the keyboard.
  • 96mb internal memory (expandable via USB)
  • Search engine to find the various functions
  • Input for damper pedal or assignable pedal Optional pedals: Expression or Volume Pedal (KORG EXP-2, KORG XVP-10) Damper Pedal (KORG DS-1H) Pedal Switch (KORG PS-1, PS-3)
  • 2 unbalanced in-line outputs for stereo headphones
  • MIDI input and output with USB port
  • 2 Speakers 15 watts
  • Dimensions without lectern: 1,03m x 37.8 cm and 12.7 cm Weight 11 kg
  • Includes lectern, manuals and dvd

It can be appreciated in the specifications that the Korg PA 600 is a keyboard dedicated to music production, since it has advanced functions for styles, accompaniments and rhythms, besides including several recording modes, however, another outstanding characteristic of this keyboard is the 30 watts of power generated between its two loudspeakers.


The PA 600 incorporates two powerful speakers of 15 watts each, in addition to a great variety of voices, rhythms and accompaniments, but the sound power is not the only advantage of the Korg PA 600, since definitely the quality in the voices, the cleanliness of the sound and the fidelity make it an ideal keyboard to use in a stage or recording studio.

The following video shows the sounds of the Korg PA 600:

A remarkable factor of this model is the ease with which voices, styles and samples can be added.


The Korg PA 600 has MIDI input and output, 2 online inputs and outputs, pedal input and USB port, probably the only thing that some will miss will be the Bluetooth connectivity, which is not indispensable but has become very popular for mobile applications.

Korg designed a keyboard very well equipped in terms of connectivity, as it has virtually everything needed for music production, plus the use of the brand’s software is really good, except for Mac users, as there is no version available for this operating system.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Korg PA600

The advantages of this model are:

  • Variety of functions for music production
  • Variety of recording functions
  • Specialized functions for rhythms, accompaniments and styles
  • Sound quality and sound power
  • Connectivity
  • Colour touch screen.
  • Software to import and export rhythms, styles, accompaniments and configurations

Disadvantages of the Korg PA 600:

  • Keys without counterweight
  • There is no triple footswitch available for this model.
  • No bluetooth
  • Internal memory (96 mb)
  • Software only available for Windows

After reading this section you will see that Korg’s keyboard has more advantages than disadvantages and it is important to note that one of the best advantages of the PA 600 is the ease of finding custom rhythms and downloading them to the keyboard, especially for Latin music as it is a very popular keyboard among bands in America.

The Korg PA 600 has everything you need for a band of any genre, has appropriate functions to produce quality music, in addition the sound quality of this model is completely remarkable.

Korg PA600 vs Yamaha PSR s670

The Korg PA 600 which around €788/$1150/£725. and  Yamaha PSR s670, which costs €598/$850/£539 and share a wide variety of functions, both have an approach to music production, the main differences between the two keyboards are:

  • The PA 600 has a 7-inch color touch screen while the PSR s670 has a black and white screen without touch functions.
  • The Korg keyboard features 950 sounds and 64 drum kits, while the Yamaha only has 416 sounds and 34 drum kits.
  • The connectivity of the Korg PA 600 is wider, as it has a USB port and software designed to create, import and export accompaniments and rhythms.
  • The Korg has a variety of preset and user-designed rhythms available on the internet for free download.
  • The sound of the PA 600 is much better, as the speakers of this model are of better quality than those included by Yamaha in the PSR s670.

The duel between Korg’s offer and Yamaha’s is not very closed on this occasion as PA 600 is a clear winner for the variety of sounds, drum kits, speaker quality and connectivity, however, you might want to take a look at the full review of the Yamaha PSR s670.

Korg PA600 vs Yamaha PSR s750

The comparison between the Korg PA 600 and the Yamaha PSR s750 is very close, as both models have virtually identical features, however the main differences of these two models are:

  • The PA 600’s 7-inch color touch screen gives great advantages over the monochrome screen while the PSR s750.
  • The Korg keyboard features 950 sounds and 64 drum kits, while the Yamaha only has 480 sounds and 30 drum kits.
  • The Yamaha PSR s750 has a correction and support system, which corrects the creation of songs, even if they are being played in real time. The Korg PA 600 does not have a similar function.
  • The memory of the Korg PA 600 is 96mb while the PSR s750 has a memory of 64mb, in both cases the memory is expandable by means of USB.

The Yamaha PSR s750 has connectivity functions for mobiles, highlighting the integration with different applications for the iPad, while the PA 600 has a Windows software specialized in the composition, import and export of accompaniments and rhythms.


Definitely the PA 600 is a very interesting option for those who dedicate themselves to the composition and musical production, practically all the Latin American musical groups use this keyboard for its great benefits to an accessible price.

One of the most remarkable things about the Korg PA 600 is the music production software, which will take the headaches out of composing music (unless you’re a mac user).

It is necessary to consider that if you are looking for a keyboard for professional music production there are better options, for example the Korg PA900, if on the contrary you are looking for something much cheaper do not hesitate to see our selection of the best digital pianos .

On the other hand if your budget is less than 200 € or $ you should take a look at guide with the most convenient cheap keyboards.

Where to buy the PA 600

It’s always best to buy from an online store that will ensure proper transportation. Besides, buying online can save you a lot of money. You can search for the product at any Korg dealer in your area. At USA check Amazon but in Europe check Thomann:

For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:

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