Digital Piano Yamaha P115 Full Review. A good choice?

Today in this article we are going to analyze a very popular piano keyboard of the Yamaha brand. The Yamaha P115 or P115b keyboard (no difference in performance, the b refers to the color black)

The Yamaha P115 is a portable digital piano. Its main objective is to emulate the touch and feel of playing a normal acoustic piano. Whether glue or wall and it must be said that the result is very good. Especially considering its price.

Next, we advance the best stores to buy it. After it, keep scrolling down and reading because we have all the information about this digital piano, and a video review really useful.

Where to Buy Yamaha P115?

Note: We update the links to Yamaha P125


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Hammer Action and velocity sensitivity

What differentiates a piano keyboard from other keyboards is the sensitivity of the keyboard to the force with which the key is pressed. So the note will sound louder or weaker depending on how you press the key. Yamaha has several technologies to imitate the Hammer Action of acoustic pianos.

In this case, the system used is the GHS or Graded Hammer Standard and is one of the most prestigious standards. Many consider it superior to Roland’s and Casio’s systems. The GHS is usually on all Yamaha keyboards with a price of under 1000 €. There are other superior technologies.

The GHS system supports 4 keystroke levels that are Hard / Medium / Soft / Fixed and the keys have a texture that mimics a real piano. The Hammer Action of the keys is vital for the correct study of the piano. And of course, it has 88 keys like a real piano. It measures 132.6 cm wide, 16.3 cm is high and 29.5 cm deep.

Sound quality

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

In this respect, the Yamaha P115 has a lot of strength. On piano keyboards, the sound of the keys is pre-recorded from a real piano. And it is very important that the sound is recorded in such a way that the nuances of the sound are not lost. The sound of the Yamaha P115 has been recorded with the CF3S sampling technology, which is better than the AWM technology.

The results are amazing. Listening tests have been made between a piece played on a Yamaha P115 and another one recorded with an acoustic piano and only very advanced conservatory students were able to notice the difference and after several listeners.

It has a polyphony of 192 notes and 14 voices and powerful 7W x 2 speakers, so you can play in many places without the need for extra amplification, types of restaurants and similar.

Here is a good review of the Yamaha P115 for you to know everything about this popular digital piano. Below are comparisons with other keyboards and online stores to buy it at the best price.

Computer connectivity

Today’s computer connectivity is vital and it’s just the best advantage you have of piano keyboards over acoustic pianos. We can do such wonderful things as play a piece and simultaneously write the music sheet on our computer with programs like Sibelius.

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From this post you can control the price of this piano quickly as you have direct links to various stores. If you save this post in bookmarks or favorites of your browser you will have it available easily and accessible.

For them, the Yamaha P115 keyboard has a USB to HOST MIDI connector. This allows you to record MIDI tracks in any music editing or recording program and then export this track to music sheet. For this, we can use any program such as Ableton or Cubase.

The possibilities offered by the MIDI interface are vital in recording and composing. But it is also today that tremendous learning pathways are opening up with applications such as Flowkey and Piano Marvel.

To connect the iPad many people wonder what connector is needed. At the end of the Yamaha P115 you connect a fat USB cable, you can see it in the image, and connect it to the iPad you need the USB adapter.

With the purchase of the keyboard come 3 months of free subscription to the Flowkey app. Although this does not need a MIDI connection because it picks up what you play with the computer or tablet microphone so that it corrects you interactively at the moment while you play with their video tutorials.

conector USB Yamaha P115usb-b-yamaha-p115

Can it be used in any situation?

The Yamaha P115 keyboard is one of the most versatile on the market. Well, it is as good for the studio as it is to live. It has enough power in its sound output thanks to the “sound boost” so that you can connect it to high-powered sound equipment without the need for a preamp. It is got a lot on it.

It is a piano keyboard at a very affordable price, making it a perfect choice for conservatory study at all levels if you do not have a wall-mounted piano.

Of course, he wears headphones so that he can study at home without disturbing the neighbors. It has a double headphones output and the possibility of dividing the keyboard into two so that teachers and students can study on the same keyboard. The Yamaha P-115 is undoubtedly the most popular choice among professionals and students who want a piano keyboard battle.

In addition to its weight of 11.8 Kg is a fully portable keyboard with a backpack keyboard with handles.

Extra features

Comes with a sustain pedal. Vital for the interpretation of the piano and keeping the sound of the note in time even if you stop pressing the key. It is not of extreme quality that comes with the Yamaha P115, but it fits the bill.

It also comes with the mains adapter for plugging it into the mains.

You can not run on batteries. So it is portable, but it is not good for playing on the street. Unless you take a battery or a small generator, but that is already a little difficult sometimes.

It has memory to record 2 tracks and then play over them in a very usable way.

The recording is in SMF format.

Yamaha P45 vs Yamaha P115

The P-45 cannot record parts, and this can be an interesting option for beginners. The polyphony of the Yamaha P 45 is 64 versus 192 of the P115. But the fundamental difference is that the piano sound of the Yamaha P115 has been recorded with the CF3S system.

More sophisticated than the sample with which the P45 has been recorded, which is the AWM standard.

The P-115 also has the Sound Boost button which is like a kind of “turbo” to get more presence in live performances.In addition, the Yamaha P115 has a line outlet to connect to any PA or mixing console without the need for an injection box. So it’s good for live. And the P115 has many applications that improve its usability.

Yamaha P105 vs Yamaha P115

The Yamaha P 115 is an evolution of the Yamaha P105 model.

It has integrated speakers that sound better and a maximum polyphony of 192 against the 128 of the Yamaha P105. Here there is no doubt, better the Yamaha 115 because in addition, you will buy them almost at the same price. Unless you find the Yamaha P105 very well priced in the second-hand market.

Yamaha P115 vs Yamaha P125

In this case, not much has been done with the Yamaha P125 but 10 new piano sounds have been added. Which by keeping the same price is always a plus. It is best if you take a look at our review of the Yamaha P125.

Yamaha P115 vs Roland FP 30

Here the competition is very close. Although Yamaha wins in polyphonic memory, Roland FP 30 wins in other aspects. The differences are detailed below:

  • The Yamaha P115 gains in polyphonic memory as it has 192 voices compared to the 128 of the Roland FP 30. This makes the sound of the Yamaha more quality. Another thing is that you get to like more the Roland nuances as the tone.
  • Roland’s Hammer Action system has 5 sensitivities and Yamaha’s 4. We like Roland’s Hammer Action a little more.
  • The Yamaha P115 is less heavy. A couple of Kg that sometimes you notice a lot if you transport it weekly to tests and similar without a car.

Don’t hesitate to read our full review of the Roland FP 30 if you want to know more about this piano keyboard.

Where to buy Yamaha P115?

You can get the best price by shopping online. For this, it is important that the store does not fail in shipping. That accepts returns without questions and gives you a full warranty. At America and Asia check Amazon but at Europe check Thomann:

We hope you found this article useful. If you want to see more brands our ranking with the best digital pianos of the moment is the ideal post. What is a little cheaper and may be a very option to consider.

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