Digital Piano Yamaha P255 – Full Review. It is Worth it?

The Yamaha P255 is a professional range portable digital piano. Designed to play live as well as to study at any level of piano. Also superior conservatory.The Yamaha brand has other portable digital pianos between 300 and 1000 euros but this is raised a little more level and is a little above that price but for obvious reasons.

Let’s analyze the different aspects that make this piano keyboard a professional choice of quality.


Where to Buy Yamaha P255?


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​The Yamaha P-255 brings 24 high-quality piano sounds. These have been sampled with the Pure CF Sound Engine technology. This sampling technology is one of the most important in the market. Digital pianos under 1000 euros usually bring 10 sounds instead of 24.

We have a great variety of piano sounds. From instruments with Baroque keys to very suggestive electric pianos that have been authentic icons of their time. It has several piano and grand piano sounds that we really liked. We’ll leave you a video so you can listen to some of them.

​A very important factor is polyphony. Which is how many notes can sound at once. This includes those that sound like an accompaniment if you’re playing over it. The Yamaha P255 has a polyphony of 256 notes. Which gives you plenty to play whatever you want. Already considered very decent from 128 notes.

This piano keyboard comes with 50 piano presets or accompaniments. These may sound as you play allowing you to play accompanied by a set of strings. The accompaniment will adapt to what you’re playing. Very powerful.

You can also record up to 10 tracks and have 80 minutes of recording to make your own accompaniments.

Apart from the above, it brings several chorus effects and 4 types of reverb. In addition to a three-band equalizer.

On the other hand, Yamaha brings three types of Sound Boost. That is a feature that allows giving more presence and power to the sound. Plus a little equalization to make your sound stand out more live.

Hammer Action and velocity sensitivity

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

What differentiates a simple musical keyboard from a digital piano is the Hammer Action. That’s the weighty feeling that keys have to look like a real piano. In case the Yamaha P 255 has the Yamaha GH system, which is better than the GHS present in lower range piano keyboards.

In addition to Hammer Action, the Yamaha P255 has a touch and a system of four sensitivities that will allow you to regulate the force with which the note is played. Of course, after testing models from other brands in the same price range, we were surprised by the sensitivity of the Yamaha P255.


In this sense, it comes very completely. Most importantly, it has a USB MIDI to Host output that allows you to connect your keyboard to your computer and do such wonderful things as record tracks that can then be exported to music sheet directly with any music editing program such as Cubase.

Another basic of a digital piano is the pedals. The Yamaha P255 comes with a pedal configurable as Sustain pedal or any of the other types. It’s not bad but here we would have preferred it to bring by default the 3-pedal footswitch directly for the price it has. Of course, you have a ticket for her.

It has a line output to connect it to any amplification equipment. So it’s perfect as a live piano keyboard.

It also has a jack in input if you want to connect another instrument that sounds through the piano’s speakers.

Bring an extra USB port so you can save your recordings on a flash drive for example and thus be very productive in rehearsals.

Another feature is the dual-mode. This allows 2 people to play on the same piano as the keyboard is divided into 2 pianos as minus octaves. This allows the student and teachers to play together. And as it has 2 headphones it also allows giving the class in silence. Also very interesting.

Portability and extras

​It weighs about 17 kg, so it’s perfect to take it by car but to take it on public transport is a bit hard. For that better take a look at the Yamaha P115 (new Yamaha P125) in the comparison at the end.

It has very powerful 15W speakers. This allows you to play in a medium-sized restaurant without extra amplification. One point the truth.

It includes the power supply and if you have an iPad has a lot of applications that allow you to manage the performance of the keyboard in a very usable way or even recognize the chords of a song you like.

Also on the dates, we are writing this post all Yamaha keyboards and pianos include three months free of the Flowkey interactive piano learning app which has the ability to correct you while you’re exercising.

Yamaha P255 vs Yamaha 115 y Yamaha P125

​First, we must say that the Yamaha P125 is the most modern version of the Yamaha P115 and then the P105 which is the first of all with what the comparison we will do with the Yamaha P125 (you will always be better off buying the Yamaha P125 over 115 if you find it second hand because it will cost you similar and has better polyphony).

The Yamaha P255 is noticeably better but it also costs twice as much. The Yamaha P1125 is still an option that you have to know as it also has the possibility of the triple pedalboard and has a line output to play live. The question is whether the price difference is worth it.

As you can see, both digital pianos are very good options in their respective price ranges. But we recommend that you take a look at our review of the Yamaha P115 and its new version of the Yamaha P125 We tell you below the best place to buy the Yamaha P255.

The Yamaha P255 brings the following improvements: Best Hammer Action GH vs. Yamaha P125 GHS.

Both have Pure CF Sound Engine sound maximum polyphony of 256 voices vs. 192 of the Yamaha P125

It has string resonance to increase the feel of real pianos (and it shows.)

  • 4 Reverbs
  • 3-Band Equalizer
  • Sound Boost (3 types vs. 1 from P125)
  • LED display to manage the functionalities (the P125 does not have)
  • Recording function for 10 songs each with 2 MIDI tracks (considerably more than 125)
  • Up to 80 minutes of 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz audio recording/playback in WAV file on a USB flash memory (not included)
  • 2 x 15W stereo speakers (vs. 7W Yamaha P125), this is important.
  • 1/4″ TR stereo line output (L/R)
  • 1/8″ TRS Stereo Auxiliary Input
  • USB to device functionality.

The conclusion is that the price difference is proportional and worthwhile. So the real criterion is your budget. If you have a maximum budget of 600 euros there is no discussion. The Yamaha P125 is your best option.

Where to Buy Yamaha P255

This digital piano already has a certain price and the truth is that online you can get the best price. It is very important that you choose a store with a high reputation, full warranty, and trouble-free shipping. Amazon is the best to buy at the US and worldwide:

The best in Europe is Thomann as they have good instrument testers and is the most respected shop in Spain and Europe

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