Digital Piano Yamaha YDP 143 Full Review. Is it a good choice?

The Yamaha YDP 143 is the new version of the Yamaha Arius YDP 142. It is a digital piano under 800 euros with very good value for the money. It is a piano designed for the classical student who wants to enjoy the advantages of having a digital piano and at the same time wants an apparent piano with a presence similar to that of an upright piano.

Notice that the Yamaha YDP 144 has been launched. The only difference of the Yamaha YDP 143 vs Yamaha YDP 144 is that grand piano sound comes with a better sampling quality (which is really good).

acabados y materiales del yamaha arius ydp 143

Throughout the article, we will also recommend other cheaper options within the brand Yamaha.

Where to Buy Yamaha YDP 144 Arius? (143 is not sold anymore)


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The Yamaha Arius YDP 143 is a complete piano. It has 88 weighted keys that imitate the mechanical system of an acoustic piano. This is very important when learning to play the piano.

The keys on a digital piano should feel the same weight as on an acoustic piano and be sensitive to touch. The louder you press, the louder the sound. The Hammer Action system it has is Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) a very accomplished system that is in most Yamaha digital pianos in that price range.


This piano has 10 high-quality sounds. Piano sounds are recorded with the Pure CF Sound Engine technology which is one of Yamaha’s latest patents on sampling. All sounds are recorded from a Yamaha CF grand piano. Among those 10 sounds, you have a real piano, harpsichord, electric piano. All of them with professional quality. We will leave you a video so you can hear what they sound like.

The Yamaha YDP 143 has 192 polyphony notes, which as explained in the video are the notes that can sound at the same time on the piano. If you touch up an accompaniment this also consumes polyphony. With 192 you can play anything.

The Yamaha YDP 143 also comes with 50 presets or accompaniments, so you can play over them and complement your sound. So that you can play the piano while it plays, for example, an orchestral accompaniment of strings. The touch is very achieved and has a very good response time. There is no delay or sound delay of any kind.

On the other hand this piano dumper resonance, Intelligence acoustic control (IAC) to balance bass and treble when playing bass. All these effects try to get you as close as possible to playing an acoustic piano, even mimicking the reverberation of the strings being struck by the hammer.


One of the advantages of portable pianos is their ability to connect to the computer via a USB MIDI connector.

This opens up a world of possibilities for us. Well, we can record what we play in a music production program and then edit it. In addition, those tracks that we record when being MIDI then they can be exported directly to music sheets with programs like CUBASE.

Today MIDI connection is basic. Because then this will allow us to play with our sounds, modify them, and then get the score without doing anything else.

We can also write scores and compose scores while playing with programs like Sibelius. Another utility of the Yamaha YDP Arius 143 is that the keyboard can be divided into 2 smaller pianos so that teacher and student can play on four hands mode. It also has two headphones outputs so that you can study in silence and even give the class in silence.

Triple Pedal

The pedals are a basic element for playing the piano. The most important is the sustain pedal, which allows the note to continue playing even if we stop pressing the key. This consumes polyphony and is a very valuable interpretative resource. The YDP 143 has all three pedals included. So, this is perfect.


All digital pianos come with metronome and reverb and chorus effects. In this case, you have up to 4 types of reverbs that give enough possibilities of interpretation. With this piano, you can record up to two tracks and then play on them.

Is Yamaha YDP 143 right for me?

It is a digital piano with good quality in relation to the price. Although there are better and better finishes to study classic is valid for many years. At least for the middle and elementary piano learning levels without a problem. In the upper one, it is convenient to combine the study in one of these with a real acoustic piano.

The digital pianos of more quality have a more achieved touch but this model gives for many years. You have to keep in mind that the intention of these pianos is to look like an acoustic piano even though they weigh much less. This one weighs 38 Kg. so it is much more manageable than an upright piano of about 150 Kg.

If you want to open up your possibilities, you should take a look at portable digital pianos. Specifically, you have the Yamaha P115 that offers very similar features at a lower price. And if you want something cheaper portable and with a good touch, take a look at the Kawai ES110.

Yamaha YDP 143 vs Yamaha YDP 142

The improvement is basically in the polyphony that is now 192 notes compared to 128 that the previous model had. A change that users were asking loudly and all for the same price as the YDP 142.

Yamaha YDP 143 vs Yamaha P115 vs Yamaha P125

Both digital pianos offer almost the same features. Even they both have the same polyphony. Although now the Yamaha P125 has come out that has more sounds than the Yamaha P115.

In total now brings 24 piano sounds. But the Yamaha P115 and Yamaha P125 also have line output to plug into any amplification system, which counts as a stage piano and weighs only 12 Kg. We recommend that you take a look at our selection of the best value for money piano keyboards before you decide.

Basically the Yamaha YDP 143 suits you a little better than the Yamaha P125 if portability does not matter to you and you are more oriented to studying classical music at home. Well, it has some nuances that imitate a wall-mounted piano better. As for the Yamaha YPT 142, do not hesitate, is better if buy the 143 (now YDP 144) because it has better polyphony at the same price. The YPT 142 is only suitable for you if you find it very cheaply second-hand.

Here is our complete review of the new Yamaha P125. The truth is that the price has dropped lately and is becoming a great option.

Where to Buy Yamaha YDP 143 Arius

Being a digital piano you can buy it online without worries, as the production has a similar and consistent quality. It is not that like other acoustic instruments, that each one arrives in a different way. Worldwide choose Amazon, still, if you are in Europe Thomann is the best option:

For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:


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