Where to Buy Thomann DP 26: Review and Opinion

If you have €300 and are looking for a digital piano with 88 weighted and pressure-sensitive keys, the Thomann DP 26 is an ideal choice for you.

The German brand really strived to design an instrument with very good features at a considerable price, the DP 26 is an excellent alternative for those pianists who require a keyboard to move or who are looking for a keyboard to take lessons.

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The Thomann DP 26 has essential features for any pianist, the 88 weighted keys and its teaching system for left and right hand are two examples to highlight. Features:

  • 88-key weighted pressure-sensitive keyboard with a hammer action system
  • 20 Voices
  • 64-voice polyphony
  • LED display
  • 60 preset songs and 2 demo songs
  • Layer and split function
  • 50 styles
  • Pitch bend wheel
  • Effects
  • Master Equalizer
  • Chorus
  • Reverb
  • Duet
  • Harmony
  • Sequencer of melody + accompaniment
  • Teaching function for left and right hand
  • Metronome
  • Transposer
  • 2 x 10W speakers
  • 2 headphone sockets
  • MIDI output
  • Auxiliary input and output
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Slot for lectern
  • Included accessories (lectern and sustain pedal)
  • Dimensions 1.36m x 36.6cm x 13.7cm weight 12.9kg

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The DP 26 has a pretty good sound and is that despite its 64 polyphony notes, Thomann did a good job on cleanliness and quality. A sound test of the previous model (is the same sound) is presented below:

In the previous video we can see that despite the 64 notes of polyphony the sound is good, the 20 voices included in the DP 26 have a quite acceptable quality.


In terms of connectivity, the Thomann DP 26 has the basics, the minimum necessary for any pianist, and covers the requirements to be able to make live presentations and connect to a PC.

The DP 26 has a headphone output, sustain pedal, auxiliary and MIDI connection, so you do not have to worry about it. While there are other models that have different connectivity options and are more complete, it is also true that for most users the connectivity of PD 26 is more than enough.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Thomann DP 26

The advantages of this model are:

  • 88-key weighted keyboard with pressure sensitivity
  • Connectivity
  • Price
  • Weight

The disadvantages of this model are:

  • 64 polyphony notes
  • Variety of voices

The Thomann DP 26 is an option with 88 weighted keys that have good connectivity and is relatively portable for a very affordable price, which makes it a very attractive option, however, among the disadvantages are the variety of voices and 64 polyphony notes. It is necessary to point out that the sound quality is not bad for the price its have. The sampling quality is not a good as a Nord Piano for example. But most people wouldn´t feel the difference.

Thomann DP 26 vs Yamaha P45

The German brand was able to design a very competitive keyboard, generally superior to Yamaha’s offer, as the DP 26 incorporates the features and functions of a digital stage piano. For this comparison, we will take as reference the Yamaha P45.

These are the similarities and differences between the two models:

  • Both models feature a keyboard with 88 weighted and pressure-sensitive keys.
  • The connectivity of the DP 26 is far superior to that of Yamaha’s P45, as the P45 lacks MIDI and auxiliary output.
  • The Thomann’s speakers are 10w, while Yamaha incorporates 6w speakers.
  • The Yamaha P45 commonly has a higher cost of approximately 50€.
  • Thomann includes 20 voices on its keyboard, while the Yamaha P45 has only 10.

In general, Yamaha and Thomann have similar characteristics, however, an important factor to consider is that the Thomann DP 26 includes effects, styles, accompaniments, and connectivity similar to that of a stage keyboard, while Yamaha keyboards of the similar line usually do not have these functions. In the case of the previous comparison between the DP 26 and the P45, the clear winner is Thomann, as it has better features and a better price.

If you require more information about the P45 or have any questions we recommend you review our full review of the Yamaha P45 click here.

Thomann DP 26 vs Thomann SP 5600

The German brand has different options with similar functions, the DP 26 and the SP 5600 are two models with similar characteristics. The comparison between the two models is shown below:

  • Both have an 88-balanced, pressure-sensitive keyboard.
  • The SP 5600 has 600 voices, while the DP 26 has only 20 voices.
  • The variety of styles and internal songs in the SP 5600 is greater, as this model offers 120 internal songs and 230 styles, while the DP 26 has 50 styles and 2 songs.
  • The DP 26 has 64 polyphony notes and the SP 5600 has 128 polyphony notes.
  • The SP 5600’s connectivity is better because it has a microphone input.
  • The price of PD 26 is 59€ lower.

The only advantage of the DP 26 over the SP 5600 is the price, since the Thomann SP 5600 has better sound quality, offers a greater variety of functions, and has better connectivity, however, if your idea is to learn piano, probably saving 59€ might be something interesting, plus the DP 26 is more than enough to take lessons.

If you require more information about this model or have any questions we recommend you review our full review of the Thomann SP 5600 here.

Thomann DP 26 vs Thomann SP 320

The DP 26 and SP 320 are two Thomann alternatives with virtually the same functions. The comparison between the two models is shown below:

  • Both models have an 88-key keypad, however, the SP 320 does not have good weighted keys (it is a kind of weighted effect, but still, is better than nothing, of course).
  • The polyphony of the DP 26 is 64 notes, while the SP 320 is 32 notes.
  • The DP 26 has 20 voices, while the SP 320 includes only 12 voices.
  • The speakers of the SP 320 are superior as it has 2, each one is 20w, while the DP 26 has two speakers of 10w each.
  • The weight of the SP 320 is 9 Kg, while the DP 26 weighs 12.9kg.
  • The functions of the DP 26 are better, as it has 50 effects, keyboard split function, lesson mode and a pitch bend.
  • The SP 320 can be used with batteries, while the DP 26 does not have this option.

The comparison between the DP 26 and the SP 320 makes the DP 26 a clear winner, however, it is important to mention that if you are looking for a cheaper keyboard with good features and more portability the SP 320 could be for you, but for those looking for a more professional keyboard with better construction, better functions, sound quality and connectivity, the DP 26 is an excellent choice. The good thing is that DP 32 usually cost less than 250 €.

If you require more information about this model or have any questions we recommend you review our full review of the Thomann SP320 here.


Before choosing a keyboard or digital piano, be sure to define the main function you will give to it, as only then you will be able to acquire a model that has the ideal characteristics for your use.

The DP 26 covers the basic needs of a stage pianist, however, for those who require a more professional option can turn to the SP 5600.

If you are looking for an option to learn piano the DP 26 is a very interesting alternative, however, if you want to consult other high-quality options you can review our guide to the best keyboards and digital pianos in relation to price benefit.Remember that the best idea is to buy a keyboard or digital piano that only covers the needs you have, you should never be guided by functions or features that are not necessary for your activity.

Where to buy the Thomann DP 26

It will always be better to purchase through an online store, as this way you can get a better price, however, it is important to buy in an online store that offers you the right transport and the best conditions of purchase. If you want to buy the Thomann DP 26 with the best conditions of purchase and the best price click on the button below:

For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:

Have you ever had this piano? In that case do not hesitate to leave us your opinion in the comments. Thank you very much for reading us!

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