Digital Piano Yamaha P45. Full Review

Today we’re going to talk about the Yamaha P-45 piano keyboard. One of the most popular and sought after models on the Internet. And this factor tends to denote a strong reputation nurtured by the pianist.

Below you will see the video, and on it, you’ll see how it sounds, what accessories it brings, it will explain to you what Hammer Action is, etc. But to get ahead, we leave you a comparison with the best places to buy it and then you have the video:

Where to buy Yamaha P45?


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The Yamaha P45 is a high-quality piano keyboard designed for a limited budget. The quality/price ratio is designed to keep an affordable price for the regular musician. The Yamaha P45 is a piano keyboard or digital piano ideal as a supporting piano to practice anywhere or for the first 5 or 6 years of musical training.

For beginners, if you can afford it, it’s a highly recommended option. Because its price is not in any way excessive and will be worth to the student for many years of classic music school (conservatory), even several years of the middle-grade student. So you save the expense of having to switch to a digital piano in a year or two years.

It is true that a teacher will always recommend the most study time on an acoustic piano, but this model and its sound is highly respected among professional pianists. If you tell a teacher that you have this model, you should be okay, at least until a certain level. The Yamaha P45 is a digital piano or portable digital piano, just for that. Because it imitates the behavior of an acoustic piano.

It has touch-sensitive keys so that the volume of the note is conditioned by the force with which it is pressed. It also has 88 keys like acoustic pianos. On piano keyboards, the sound is recorded from a real piano.

The Yamaha P45 uses the Yamaha AWM system. A sampling system devised by Yamaha that means that the sound has lost almost no harmonics during recording.

Hammer Action uses Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) system. It has 4 levels of Pulsed or Touches Sensitivity which are Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed or Hard/Medium/Soft/Fixed.

Hammer Action comes and velocity sensitivity are similar terms. Although Hammer action refers to the weight sensation of the sensitive keyboard.

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

Yamaha has better Hammer Action systems and key sensitivity such as the GH3 system but already for much larger budgets. In its price range is a system that usually likes more than the equivalent Roland and Casio. At the end of the article, remember that we will tell you where you can buy it with the greatest possible savings.

Is the Yamaha P45 a keyboard for professionals?

As we have seen in the video, the Yamaha P45 can be connected to an amplifier using the headphone output but will need an electric gadget (injection box) to give more power to the sound signal unless it is a small amplifier.

It’s perfect for a warm-up keyboard and if you don’t have another keyboard, you can buy an injection box to boost the signal and connect it to a smaller computer. To play in a small restaurant you will fall short with the piano speakers, but you can connect without an injection box to small amplifiers such as Roland Cube.

At this point, it is important to note that the Yamaha P45 keyboard has a fairly good weight of 11.5 kg. So it’s portable even with a keyboard backpack with handles.

Computer connectivity

Perfect, as you have seen in the video has a USB MIDI (USB to Host) that ensures a perfect connection with any music composition software or recording. This will allow you to record MIDI tracks on your computer where the information for each note and each chord is stored. So you can then generate a score from the recording.

Also in real-time with programs like Sibelius. In a lot of countries with the purchase of the keyboard come a three-month subscription to a powerful piano learning app called FlowKey, which you put on a laptop or tablet and when you pick up what you play with the microphone on the tablet corrects you in real-time and fully interactive. A real revolution in piano self-learning. (check if this promotion is active in your country)

Accessories included in the Yamaha P45

The Yamaha P45 comes with a sustain pedal included and with a mains connector. But you don’t have a chance to put batteries in it. So if you want to play on the street with batteries you’re better off with another digital piano.

Important Yamaha P45 Extras

It brings metronome and 4 types of very beautiful reverb effects. Of course, it comes with an input for headphones so you can study without disturbing the neighbors. It has a very powerful polyphony of 64 voices and 10 different piano sounds.

Is there a difference between the Yamaha P45 and the Yamaha P45B?

It is curious that they have not explained it before, but the B simply refers to the color black. There are real threads in forums figuring out what B is, it’s just that.

Is there a difference between Yamaha P45 vs. Yamaha P35?

Yes, there is, the Yamaha P45 is an evolution of the Yamaha P35 and gives better performance for the same price. You can read about it in our Yamaha P45 vs Yamaha P35 article.

Yamaha P45 Sound

For this, look no further than listening to the video at the beginning of the post, where you’ll find demonstrations of the most important sounds. The sound of the Yamaha P45 has been sampled with high-quality technologies. It also has a 64-voice polyphony that is perfect for playing most songs.

Yamaha P45 vs Yamaha P115 vs Yamaha P125

The Yamaha P45 is the perfect piano keyboard for someone who has started with a very bad piano keyboard and a year later the teacher tells him that he needs another piano for the next 5 or 6 years.

But, if you like to play the piano and want another digital piano that can be worth many more years, you should look at the Yamaha P125 portable digital piano. The Yamaha P125 has a jack output for connection to a mixer, so you can take it with you to play live. And with its speakers, you can play in a small restaurant without extra amplification.

The Yamaha P45 and the P125 have the same GHS weighted keys system but the sampling technology with which the piano sound was recorded is better on the P125.

The Yamaha P125 supports an optional triple footswitch and brings a sustain pedal. Just like the Yamaha P45, although the triple bottom bracket will do you good when you’ve been playing for several years.

If you are thinking of playing live we recommend you look at the Yamaha P125 for a little more money. Because with the Yamaha P45 you will find yourself limited to that purpose.

Check out our review on the Yamaha P115. Updating this post if you get into the review you will see that the Yamaha P125 is the continuation of the Yamaha 115 so the analysis we have done between the Yamaha P45 and the Yamaha P115 is also valid for this model. What brings back at the same price the Yamaha P125 is more piano sounds. So for the same price they’ve improved it.

Where to buy the Yamaha P-45 at the best price?

As we mentioned before, this type of digital piano can be bought online at a much lower price than in a physical store. In America and Asia check Amazon, but if you live in Europe check Thomann:

We hope you liked this review and if you found it useful, don’t hesitate to share it. Of course, we invite you to visit our choice of the best portable digital pianos, among which is this same model.

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