Digital Piano Yamaha P105 Full Review. Is It Worth it?

The Yamaha P105 is a digital piano that sets an authentic event. At a balanced price, Yamaha offered a portable digital piano with Hammer Action quality and a very acceptable piano sound. All at an unbeatable price.


Where to Buy?

Today you have to know that Yamaha has released two new versions, the Yamaha P115 later and currently the Yamaha P125 which is cheaper first hand, so really this review makes sense for people who seek it second hand. But it’s really better to buy the P125, it’s even more perfect and balanced for that price. Here you have a complete review on the Yamaha P115 and another on the latest 2018 model the Yamaha P125. Also at the end of the article, we give you the best purchase option for the latest Yamaha P125 model.

Hammer Action Keys

I’m sure you’ll be interested in…

The Yamaha P105 is a portable digital piano with 88 keys and Yamaha’s Hammer Action GHS system. Graded Hammer Standard. The Hammer Action is the feeling of weight on the keys. Apart from that, the keyboard is sensitive and has 4 sensitivities that regulate the force with which the note sounds. This is what defines a keyboard as a piano.


It has a Grand piano sound recorded with Yamaha’s Pure CF technology which was a milestone in the way we recorded the original piano sound.

It has 14 high-quality sounds that include various types of piano. It also brings reverb and damper resonance effects. It’s got an organ and an electric piano. We like those sounds a lot.

It has a polyphony of 128 voices that are the number of notes that can sound at a time. When you play with an accompaniment those notes also consume polyphony. He’s got a very acceptable polyphony. You won’t have any limitations with it.

You have 50 preset songs that you can use to play over or as an accompaniment.


The Yamaha P105 is the perfect piano keyboard for the piano student in all its phases. Both in the elementary and the superior conservatories. Of course, there are better pianos but for people on a low budget, it is a possibility even at the higher level conservatory.

With sustain pedal included. What is basic to hold the note even if we stop pressing the note key. In addition, it admits a triple pedal that can be a necessary element for certain works of the conservatory.

It has USB MIDI to Host. A very important basic as it allows you to connect the piano to your computer and record MIDI tracks that can then be exported to score with a single click. Or write music sheets in real-time with programs like Sibelius. Very powerful.

It also brings metronome and the possibility to record what you’re playing. Up to 2 tracks and you have the possibility of splitting the keyboard with 2 central DO so that they can play teacher and student at the same time.

It has headphone output and also line output, so you can connect it to any PA or mixer to play live without the need for an injection box.


Very good, it only weighs 11.7 kg and also comes with 7 W amplifiers that can be used to play in a small restaurant without extra amplification.

The power supply is included, but batteries are not supported.

¿What is Yamaha P105B?

The B only indicates the color in black, the truth is that it would be good if the stores specified it because it confuses people a lot.

Yamaha P105 vs Yamaha P115

There’s no point in comparing them. The Yamaha P115 has the same and more, for example, the polyphony is 192 notes of the P115 versus 128 of the P105. Polyphony is the number of notes that can sound at once. This includes accompaniments with which you can play over which also consume polyphony.

We leave you a video of the Yamaha P115.

Yamaha P115 vs Yamaha P125

Obviously you’ll also want to know the differences between these two models. Basically the Yamaha P115 brings 10 piano sounds and the Yamaha P125 now brings 24 at the same price. This is an important improvement because it brings very attractive sounds. You can see it in the following video:

Is this piano good for everything?

Yamaha P105, Yamaha P115, and Yamaha P125 are both pianos designed to imitate an acoustic piano. Both to study and to play live. But its objective is to give you few sounds, but of quality and similar to that of an acoustic piano.

If you want lots of sounds and even quality electronic music you have to look at more keyboards like the Yamaha PSR S770 with 61 keys that are sensitive but not weighted. But a lot of good sounds and real-time controls to create live electronic music. It has a price similar to the piano in this review.

We leave you a video that although it is in English as everything we have commented you will understand more or less. So you can hear their sounds more than anything.

Where to buy the Yamaha P105 and its new model?

As it is no longer possible to find new the Yamaha P105 we put you as reference the Yamaha P125 that you will find it at the same price that had the Yamaha P105. The most reliable stores in the USA and worldwide is Amazon but in Europe is worth it to have a look to Thomann:


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For a similar price you have the following pianos and keyboards:


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